• If you say yes to plot something out with someone, don’t just end up ignoring them if you don’t like the idea that is mentioned; Let them know and you’ll figure out something else. And if you don’t want that either, let. them. know.
  • If you say yes to make a starter for someone and you say you’ve made a draft of it that you’ll publish asap, don’t just end up never publishing it at all. If you got a writers block, let them know. If you changed your mind, let. them. know.
  • If you tell a mun he/she can talk with you about their problems, don’t get scared away if they tell you they’re a bit down/depressed/feeling ignored, etc. They actually trust you enough to tell you personal things, all you have to do is send back a “<3” if you don’t know what to say. It’s more than enough just knowing you’re there for them.
  • Don’t tell a fellow mun that you love them, they’re precious, etc if you’re going to stop talking to them one week later.
  • Don’t tell a fellow mun that you love their portrayal of their muse and the thread you’re having together if you’re dropping it one week later without giving a reason for it.
  • Communication between muns is important, even when it’s letting them know you want to drop something, are stuck or have changed your mind. A lot of people behind the muse struggles with a lot of things in real life and feeling ignored doesn’t exactly help.
  • If you feel like you’ve missed an ask or a notification or anything from a mun you’re either planning to have a thread with or having a thread with, ask them about it instead of keeping them waiting.
  • But last but not least, even though communication is important, it’s a difference between informing another mun about your thoughts and continuously pestering them every five minute about replies and stuff. Seriously, don’t do that.