• If you say yes to plot something out with someone, don’t just end up ignoring them if you don’t like the idea that is mentioned; Let them know and you’ll figure out something else. And if you don’t want that either, let. them. know.
  • If you say yes to make a starter for someone and you say you’ve made a draft of it that you’ll publish asap, don’t just end up never publishing it at all. If you got a writers block, let them know. If you changed your mind, let. them. know.
  • If you tell a mun he/she can talk with you about their problems, don’t get scared away if they tell you they’re a bit down/depressed/feeling ignored, etc. They actually trust you enough to tell you personal things, all you have to do is send back a “<3” if you don’t know what to say. It’s more than enough just knowing you’re there for them.
  • Don’t tell a fellow mun that you love them, they’re precious, etc if you’re going to stop talking to them one week later.
  • Don’t tell a fellow mun that you love their portrayal of their muse and the thread you’re having together if you’re dropping it one week later without giving a reason for it.
  • Communication between muns is important, even when it’s letting them know you want to drop something, are stuck or have changed your mind. A lot of people behind the muse struggles with a lot of things in real life and feeling ignored doesn’t exactly help.
  • If you feel like you’ve missed an ask or a notification or anything from a mun you’re either planning to have a thread with or having a thread with, ask them about it instead of keeping them waiting.
  • But last but not least, even though communication is important, it’s a difference between informing another mun about your thoughts and continuously pestering them every five minute about replies and stuff. Seriously, don’t do that.

Permanent Starter Call!

{If you’re mutuals with burningxstarsx, feel free to like this post. This is a side blog, after all. For those unsure of what this means, a permanent starter call means I’ll tag you in things, make you starters, and just sort of bug you whenever. You can unlike this post any time, and you don’t have to respond to any starters I make for you if you’re not feelin’ it. No pressure. :>}

The Roleplay Community {Annoyance}
One thing that I’m starting to get really tired of that has been happening far too often lately is when I read on peoples info pages and everything says they’re up for roleplays. Then when I ask, they say “Yes”. They’d “love to!” We plot something out, and if we agree that I should make the starter, I never hear from them again - and if we agree that they’ll make it, either they never do it, or they don’t ever reply once I’ve replied.

Now, there might be a lot of reasons for this, and I’m not gonna say that you all have the same reasons, but whatever the reason is, at least you could drop by my inbox to tell me.

Whether it is you changed your mind, didn’t like the starter/reply, if you suddenly got busy… Just tell me. Otherwise I’ll just sit here and wonder if I did or said something that either offended you or if I’m just a shitty roleplayer. Individually, you’re not doing much harm, but when there’s so many of you, I actually kind of feel a bit hated and begin to worry that maybe I do something wrong without even knowing what it is - and if I do, I won’t get mad if you tell me! At least I’ll be able to fix it so I’m not doing it again to other people and once more get ignored/dropped.


I have too many ideas for which rp muses I want to have/continue having and I think I need to have a maximum of 3 if I’m to actually be able to stay active, so I need your help choosing which character you would find most interesting to interact with. The list is below. Click to get to their links and read more if you don’t know who they are.

  • Loki (From Marvel)
  • Killian Jones (From Once Upon A Time)
  • Shadow (OC from OUAT/Burton’s Alice In Wonderland FC: Johnny Depp)
  • Rumplestiltskin (From Once Upon A Time)
  • Jack Sparrow (From Pirates Of The Caribbean)
  • Dean Winchester (From Supernatural)
  • Sweeney Todd (From Burton’s Sweeney Todd) 
  • Ichabod Crane (Sleepy Hollow - The Burton Movie)
Mun has a roleplay idea, but...

{I’ve been having this thought for a while. A thought of a really messed up Loki. Like, one kind of based on him being under the chitauri’s compultion spell while he tried to take over New York, and when Tony blew up their outerspace ship or whatever, this made the spell sort of just evolving and made him insane. But… I have no idea if there’s anyone who would be interested in that and don’t mind if the thread might get violent…. Anyone?}


Getting back to replies sometime later tomorrow. Gotta help my mom’s best friend with preparing for her 50th brithday party thing or whatever… So it’s gonna be a longlasting day for me tomorrow. *le sigh* and I didn’t even manage to get through my drafts.

I know I owe like a ton of you, but really, 90% of the rp threads I’ve got going have quite some length so I’m just a total slowsnail because I gotta translate and shit. >_< Please, bare with me guise.

{Ooc} Chained Loki Porn Killed Me

I am literally just sitting here, almost biting my finger off while making all these dying whale noises because my dash is filled with chained and handcuffed Loki gif porn and ughh, I’ve literally waited for this from when I first got into the Loki fandom and I wasn’t even prepared for it and now it’s suddenly here without a warning and gahhhhh! It’s like christmas, only 10000 times better! (I may or may not have an unhealthy fetish for chained Loki)