I hit 2500+ followers very recently, so I decided to do this. 

I really love each and every one of you on this list, and you’ve all done something to change my life or even just roleplayed with me or talked with me. I really appreciate all of you. Italic is for Senpais and Bold is for friends, and if it isn’t italicized or bolded I appreciate your blog very much. 

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idk if you like tokyo ghoul but this is the cutest video it gives me cavities


I do like tokyo ghoul 

thank u 

anonymous asked:

Hello, wondering why you ship rivarmin :D

Is it strange? 

One of my friends had me rp it with them, and I realized while we were rping it that it was really really cute. 

I wasn’t for sure of why I thought it was so cute, but I did. 

I also realized as I got further into the fandom that Levi and Armin had very similar things that happened to each other, so they could relate on certain things, even if they weren’t the best things. 

It could even be platonic to be honest. 

I really like it as romantic too, but I feel like Armin’s relationships do not have to go into nsfw, because I don’t think that matters as much to him. 

You know?


Am I the only one who just really wants someone who doesn’t want to let me go? Like whenever you get hugged by someone and you’re about to pull away because you think it’s getting awkward, however that person just hugs you tighter or pulls you closer? That sensation is just so mysterious and wonderful honestly. 

aizeos asked:

I want to hear some space facts


well they recently found a planet that’s very similar to the earth!!

you can’t breathe in space sadly enough 

lays down 

just a small section of space could be hundred of thousands of galaxies!!

and stars that are super far away could already have exploded but it’s just taking millions or even billions or trillions of light years to get here so we can see it 

the sun will explode one of these days but we won’t be alive to see it 

jupiter would probably be the most dangerous planet to actually land on even if we managed to get humans that far because of the fact that there are so many deadly gases and because it’s so huge and just because it’s just a bunch of gas and you could probably get lost and we don’t even know if the space suits would let us breathe while on that planet 

i want to go to jupiter or neptune tho 

saturn sounds pretty cool to go to too 


If I remember correctly Jupiter has either 7 or 9 moons 

I forget which it was 

also I believe Pluto was reconfirmed to be a planet again 

which I’m just like 


I love pluto it reminds me of myself 

because it’s just like 

it goes the wrong way and it’s far away from everyone however it still fits in even if people try to push it away ;v;