Makes sense now… Thanks to that new “Tarrlok-is-a-sleazy-bitch” sneak peak clip, and episode 9’s description “Out Of The Past”: Korra tries to understand her visions; Tenzin and Beifong search for Equalist hostages.

That means that Tenzin, under Tarrlok’s misguidance, will along with Lin, go after the equalists to find Korra.
Then they’ll realize that it was all a lie, and both will beat the f$@& out of Tarrlok.

Meanwhile, Korra meditates and communicates with Aang, while her now free-out-of-jail friends help out In her search (Either Tenzin and/or Lin got them out OR they were released since Korra is now no longer in Tarrlok’s radar). Either Korra finds a way out of her metal prison on her own OR she’s rescued via LinZin and/or teen-team Avatar.

All this while, Amon and/or Hiroshi prepare to make their move that will lead up to episode 10’s all out equalist attacks. Amon may even make the first move at the end of episode 9, and it’ll end in a cliffhanger.