i love bob’s burgers

imho it’s the best adult comedy cartoon out there (by “adult comedy cartoon” i’m basically putting it in the same class as American Dad, South Park, Family Guy which is undeniably the worst thing ever made, etc: cartoons really not meant for kids at all) and i was really happy when adult swim started showing it every day on weekdays but

stop acting like it’s a perfect show without any problematic shit jesus christ

yes, it’s less problematic than all the other shows in it’s category

but it’s not perfect and problematic jfc

Hello!!! It’s been a long year for me and this blog. I started this up in April of 2014, and I’ve had so much fun and met so many amazing people! I branched off to other blogs and whatnot of course, but this is really what started it all, so… Enough with the lame cheesy stuff. |D

Amazing People:

tamerofthelandandsea: TOTO. AHHHHHHHH TOTO FRIEND WHERE DO I BEGIN WITH YOU. i’ve had so much fun interacting w rayray, and ive had so much fun talking with you. ; o; youre a real sweetheart ok im so so glad we met and got these idiots interacting because it’s literally killed my heart (in the good way), and i cant wait to see what these dorks bring us in 2015. :D

theruleroftheland: ahhh gosh duke, where do i begin with you too. |D ive had so much fun w grou and kyo, and im so glad i got the courage to rp with you because these two are so much fun, i swear. youre fun to talk to in the tags, and i hope we can have more fun interactions in the next year!!!

highflying-girl/seikyuna: SHOWERS U IN NUGGIES AND CHICKEN FRIES TBH. yukiko friend you are so amazing ok i just??? lays on u forever and ever and pets ur hair. the shenanigans latias put kyo through were the best this year, but holy brotp i love these two so much– stay cool friendo i hope u have a fantastic year next year and forever C:

More Amazing People that I Interact with and Stalk Watch from afar:

achromatic-colress || airborne-melodies || aruseus || daakurai || dragxnwrath || four7one || groudiva/rebelxdistortion || heatrran || kyuureimu || mindofperfection/nothingofthenew || shockingrebel || terralluvium || thelightofsinnoh || truthiiisms

Archie Harem:

aogiring || beareroftheredorb || stxrmsurge || txifu || vatnlifsins

Kyogre Army:

basxn || decayingsealord

Thank you all so much for sticking around with this blog for so long. Each and every one of you are amazing, and I hope 2015 will be a great year as well!

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“Nyaaa…? Oh, it’s the mayor~ You know, Mister Mayor, you don’t look like a mayor. More like a really adorable squishy kid-human… yeah, that.” Resena grinned, his tail swishing joyfully.