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Daily reminder that this is a sideblog to @purifiedwaterspirit. I’ll stop posting reminders as I get more used to this blog, but I want everyone to know that it’s me and not just some random Digimon blog crashing into the Pokemon fandom!}

Only because I just realized that my theme change doesn’t effect mobile or the quick view of blogs when you clock on a URL I am making this an official post. I am going on a semi-hiatus starting today and will hopefully be over around the 16th-17th of October. My muses are kind of dead and I haven’t even wanted to get on my computer for the past two days. I might get on to answer a few things every now and then that need to be answered because one or more people are counting on replies, but for the most part it’ll just be my queue running. I’m sorry to do this to everyone, but my grandma’s stay in hospice and death a few weeks ago immediately following my month long health issues this summer have really messed me up and I think I just need to center myself and refocus. 

You can still reach my on IM if you want to talk, and for the people I’m closest to, I might share phone number/skype (I will be picky so do not be offended if I say no)

I’m doing this so I don’t burn myself out and completely lose these muses I’ve come to love so much. I hope you can all understand and be here when they come back :)


anonymous asked:

Hello, how are you? I just wanted to ask you if you were fine, since it's been some time since you said something ^^

Oh my goodness I’m so sorry. I have been so overwhelmed with a lot of things including work/family/applications for other jobs/the job I currently have/ cleaning out my entire closet and room/stressing about life 

I just completely blanked out of tumbler for too long. I’m such a terrible blogger OTL 

I’m definitely gonna come back and write more! I just gotta get the creative juices flowing again and hopefully give you all good stuff! I’m so sorry.