One of my Mera Mera No Mi gummies that I got from tokyo tower actually had my mouth on fire and I was super concerned because when I first tried them the didn’t burn my mouth XD;;;
So I’m assuming that one of the gummies in the bag had like some spicy something in it to freak people out but idk. I can’t read kanji that well but yeah XD;; so either I’ll die because there was some messed up gummy or I’ve got some fire powers??? **))

They get married after the game… i posted this to twitter but not here

he becomes head of Fukui Indestries, a large weapon manufacurer that no doubt thrived as everyone bought self defences weapons in a frenzy. Mother and father are probs dead but he reunites with most of his siblings who always planed to let Lyle take over when he got back. six siblings all giving lyle a hug and asking him to tell them about what happened. they literally talk for 12 hours as lyle tells them what happened and they tell him about the world.

After about a month of that when he finally gets the courage, he shows up at Sunny’s door and tries to convince her that hes not an illusion 

due to his hyperthermisia, lyle has horrible and recurent nightmares of his time in the academy. the second that hes reminded of anything that happened in the game, he has a flashback and relives that moment. Sunny calms him down most of the time and he just needs a minute to breath

post game hes a lot quieter and nicer. smiles a little more and yells a little less…. rabu

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seems like a calm individual, something that Minoru definitely likes in a person.  Over all he really didn’t think negatively about her, but his thoughts weren’t overwhelmingly positive. He tried to stand up to iori when they were messing with her but probs knew that, since he was the murderer that round, she wouldnt forgive him/ really try to be nice to him

predespair is another story tho

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