Hiiiii. I’d just like to thank you all so much for following and liking and reblogging and sharing stuff i make and my blog and ugh. I never thought 10,000 people would like me or my blog enough to follow it. I started tumblr about 2 years ago and honestly my life today wouldn’t be the same without it. Thanks to this website i’ve made so many friendships. I’m so thankful for any current friends on here, and ones that i don’t talk to anymore. So I’d like to thank some of the friends i’ve made.  

Nina - You don’t really count because you’re my best friend in real life too, but y’know. Thanks for putting up with me on and off the internet.

Daisy - I love you so much ok. When i first messaged you i was so intimidated and thought you wouldn’t message back. But, daisy you’re the cutest and sweetest gal ever ily.

Maddie - Twinny I love you so much. I know we don’t talk as often as we used to, but you mean a lot to me. Like when we used to call eachother and talk about nonsense, or when i called you after i met niall and liam and cried for like 2 hours. I love you and hopefully we’ll meet up in boston (or new yorrrrkkk) soon. Love, Anala.

April - I know you don’t come on here anymore, but i’ll mention you anyway. I oughta send you a birthday present now right? but anyways i love you and i’ll text you tmm i guess. I hope it’s all chill over in Wisconsin.

Katlyn - I love you soooo much. We ave fun tiny chatting and yelling about 5sos in text messages. Stay rad.

Sammi - SAMMI you’re literally the sweetest person to grace the face of the earth. I love you to pieces. #lumatha and #jalana forever.

Nicole - nicOLE ur great and ily. Trust me michael loves you and so do i. May your love grow like the farms in ohio. 

other friends i’d like to mention are Rae, Faaria, Sarah, Emily, Amanda, Jessica, and all the other homies at i made over the years that i forgot to mention. 

Thank you so much and i love you all !!! - Alana x

Hi everyone!! I haven’t made a follow forever in a while and hey i’ve decided to make one since i’ve hit 15k !!!!! So here’s a long list of people I absolutely adore on here :)

bolded is for my dumb friends 

italic is for blogs that im a huge fan of okay

I’m also putting this in random order bc alphabetical takes too much time

jizcxlifuhsnowdeyes05sos ✖ connofrantafightmelukeohemmohadorefranta lagunalawleysixsteenkianlawleydailyspencersnithsilkspidey ✖morningsuns fihnnarriessextslukeyohstiilinskio2ndlfansbrogitsunelittleconnflakes ✖ kianawleythirstyforobriensoyoutube / edandmikelukeoffcialzoe-kianyouareinllovepointlesszoellaughkianteeneagerlawl0rffscfrantahlstylestrickydilloncaylen-jc0range-frantastaylencloudytrmanblckhoodtcalcondaboncutelucasloudonskinkashtonzozeebolittlewlofwelovejccaylen2k10louiscmilacbellolawhleyisaclaheyshaylorwasfake ✖ personalitittyllirryfrightomlinsonzaynmialksaquajoggersfightmecalumjadelustoutofthelimitshrrystlysharrysthefatherbeyonccgreekassbitchhohrnbradicksaveharryniallsalarrieharryaintrealgagmeniallniallisthesun ✖ (last but definitely not least lbr) orionvanessas

I’d also like to mention my number one guy/inspiration since this blog is basically dedicated to him (and the rest of o2l) jccaylen :)

I am also sorry for the obnoxiously large edit I got carried away (that is also champagne getting sprayed on jc see it makes sense now bc celebration and yeah)

Finally i’d like to thank each and every one of my followers for following me!! I try really hard on maintaining this blog and stuff and i’m really glad I get feedback. I’ve been running this blog for the past 2 ½ years and I know this sounds cheesy, but I really wouldn’t be the person I am today without this website. So thanks everyone :) (also if u think i forgot you lmk :))