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i think multishipping makes you kind of a whore sorry

[ outofthedream: Oh, Nonnie. Usually I delete this shit, but honestly? You need to learn a thing.

For starters, let me explain multishipping, as I play it and how I’ve seen most people play it. I have individual universes, and sometimes a single ship within them. What does that mean? It doesn’t mean I just create a side verse for every single character Ariadne wants to fuck, it means I have a set of circumstances I wish to explore with her as a character, and sometimes she finds love along the way. I want to take the personality and put it in different scenarios, and it is fully my right to do so as an author.

Does that make her a whore? Of course not. But here’s the other thing. Even if she was fucking half a dozen guys, it does not make her a whore. A whore means she is taking money for offering sex, which I do not play out, and your use of the word to insult her in such a gendered and sex-shaming way annoys the fuck out of me.

I get and respect that some people wish to only single ship their characters. I did with my John Blake account, in fact. For some people and situations, it just fits. But I have literally dozens and dozens of people I want to play with, and since we’re all writing, rather than entering relationships, and it doesn’t bother my partners, we branch out. It’s about trust, and I fully have that in my partners. I have seen cases in other players where that trust has been abused and I know it can hurt. I’m thankful that it hasn’t been a problem for me.

But don’t ever, ever, ever, ever come to my ask box and try to shame me or my character. That shit will not fly. Josie out. ]

To All Whovians in Whoville Today:

[ Let’s make today something the Doctor would be proud of. A day of joy, a day of celebration. A day likely with tears and emotions but focusing on the positives of a show that for 50 years has touched the lives of millions, not on the foibles of a director, the decisions of costuming, etc.

Let’s make today the day where everybody lives, we put on our trainers and bow-ties, and do a great deal of running. Let’s remember today that everyone is important, and that in all of time and space we are unique to this moment, this one shining moment where our show that has come to mean so much to us is going to be seen all over the world, at the same time.

With one thought uniting millions of people. Doctor.

Let’s make it fantastic, everyone. Let’s enjoy our anniversary. Complaints and nitpicking can come another day.

Happy Birthday, Doctor Who. Geronimo! ]

[ The last thing I’m going to say about the Ellen Page thing.

I’ve seen a lot of stuff in the tag that has been deeply disturbing to me. ’______, your turn,’ ;We all knew it, why did she even bother,’ and ‘I can’t wait to sleep with her now that I have a chance, etc.’

All of this is super gross.

No celebrity owes it to anyone to come out on any timetable but their own. It is not an obligation, it is not something that should be required in order to be an actor. Ms. Page has had at least one stalker she had to take to court, and is a private person by nature besides. I understand that it is important for representation and inspiration, but it is important when these things happen because the person in question felt the time was right for them to personally do so. If it was an obligation, it would cease to have meaning. For literally years now (since I’ve watched her tag since I came to tumblr,) people have been on Ellen to come out, as if it was their right to know. Now I see it with K-Stew and others, and I just have to shake my head. These are people, and the actor thing is secondary. It is up to the individual to walk the road of sexual awakening, not society with them just because they happen to be in the public eye. I recognize that the more people who come out, the better it is for the cause, but for God’s sake people, that still is up to the person who has to come out in the first place. To take away their agency just because they’re an actor is vile.

Secondly, no, we all didn’t know it. There are celebrities people assume are gay or bi, and then go on to have lives that are seemingly perfectly happy without a big coming out one way or the other. That’s okay. What’s equally okay is for someone to take a chance, as Ms. Page did last night, to use a platform for inspiration rather than a cheap attempt at publicity. She spoke out because it’s still incredibly problematic for people to speak of these things. I hope everyone finds the dichotomy of people insisting certain people are gay but also wanting them to shut up about it as fucking problematic as it is. I can’t even come out as an ally to my family. It is absolutely, jawdroppingly brave for someone in the public eye to come out. Do not belittle them for it.

Finally, STOP OBJECTIFYING PEOPLE. Stop making jokes about how you either have a chance now or you don’t. It’s tacky, God it is so tacky, to reduce a real watershed moment into a chance for you to get laid. It doesn’t make it less gross because we’re all women. So some respect for people you don’t even know, okay?

Old Woman Josie out. #mic drop ]

[ just to clarify;

  • I don’t use small text and formatting for any other reason than it’s a form of expression. I like the way it looks, and I never mean to make someone uncomfortable or think somehow they’re lesser for not doing so. That would be silly.
  • I use a Latin URL because a lot of non-Latin possible ones were taken, not to make anyone feel dumb for not knowing Latin. That would also be silly.
  • I do not use icons instead of gifs for any other reason than I can make icons, and not gifs. It’s not intended to make someone feel bad for using large gifs. That would be truly silly.
  • I don’t believe for a second anyone does stylistic things on their blog to make other blogs feel bad. It’s artistic choices, because writing is an art, just as painting or sculpture is. Don’t assume there is any malice behind that decision, or any judgement for not following suit.

That would just be the silliest. ]

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have you got any dc or marvel rpers you'd recommend? I'm looking for some please

[ BOY DO I :D :D :D

Marvel (Mostly MCU)

Nick Fury whyihavetrustissues Maria Hill wasthatnotprocedure Phil Coulson captainamericasbiggestfan coulsonagentofnothing imnotafanofbeingpoked Tony Stark tonyandhisbots titaniumallxy mranthonyeffingstark Steve Rogers compassionforweakness oldfashionedhxro stratiotis Thor tordenvaer Bruce Banner angrygreen Clint Barton agentclntbrtn selfishheroism escriptus Natasha Romanoff pitynotawidow widowx rxmanova Bucky Barnes zimniy soldatzimy codenamewinter Peter Parker nerdyspiderman peterparkxr Jubilation Lee fangedfirecracker Barney Barton tokillabarton
Lucky The Pizza Dog felix—fides Charles Xaiver a-groovymutation Erik Lehnsherr mutantism Raven Darkholme sapphirescales

[ Also, look on my relations page, for all kinds of other characters from the MCU, 616 and AOS that you need in your life. But this is getting long so. ]

DC (Mainly Nolanverse)

Selina Kyle callmeselina felinexfatale societydxrling Lois Lane xornalista Nora Fries norajfries Victor Fries coldfromfrostbite Bane iamyourreckoning Talia al Ghul the-slowknife Barsad bloodforthecause John Blake inxyourxbones

[ I really want more DC in my life, but they don’t seem to love me as much. C’est la vie. ]

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it's really pathetic how you channel your own insecurities into your writing and character. real writers do not do that kind of thing.

[ You’ve sent this four times now, and sadly for whatever reason I am unable to get the block to stick. But I’m going to take this chance to explain you just one thing:

Writers do that kind of thing all the time.

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote Tender Is The Night while he was suffering from massive feelings of inadequacy and increasing alcoholism. Hemingway, Chaucer, Poe, Shelley, Byron, Dante, hell, just try to name for me an author that didn’t in some method channel their own personal struggles into ink. It’s a cathartic experience, one far more healing than sending strangers anonymous bullshit like this.

Furthermore, Ariadne’s struggles are not mine. She is dealing with things on her terms, and actually? Most the time I’m pretty happy these days, and any insecurities are ones she’s not actually dealing with. The general concepts of insecurities, angst, fears, hopes, dreams, etc. are basically the human experience, which I’m choosing to write about.

In short, you’re very wrong about this, and the methods you choose to inform me of your opinion. I hope you figure that out sooner rather than later.

All further anons about this kind of thing will be deleted. ]

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but people are allowed to dislike female characters, even if it's just for being female and awful. you don't get to tell people who they have to like.

[ So I’ve been staring at this since I got it last night, as I genuinely don’t know if answering you is just egging on a troll, or if you are honestly unaware of what you’re saying being misogynistic and awful to the extreme.

I’m afraid my need to argue with you won out.

You do not get to dislike a female character for being female.

I admit no one could fucking stop you, but you need to seriously have a sit down with your mentality and ask why on earth you would hate a female character and what makes her so very awful in your eyes. What’s more, even if you hate them just for being ‘awful’ in your book, that does not give you the right to harass that player for their character, period.

I genuinely cannot understand the logic process at work here. I do not understand how someone could look at a character, hate them for their gender, then turn around and give the mun shit for playing them.

I will not answer further inquires about this, but I wanted one last chance to hammer into your head that it is wrong to hate a character solely for their gender, their age, their religion, their sexuality, their race, or their social status. All these things play into a culture of oppression and belittling the Other, and needs to fucking stop. It doesn’t matter if the other is a majority, minority, or whatever, it’s a symptom of a society that is broken and is gross.

I know my ranting won’t change your mind, but I am stating, for the record as publicly as I can make it that it iswrong to hate a character because of their gender, and I’m pretty comfortable in saying it.

Now, go away. ]

[ outofthedream: Here’s the thing that makes me so mad about this. Sometimes you love a mun but the muses don’t work. Sometimes people don’t get along. Hell, sometimes people need a break, even if they really love something to pieces.

I struggle with this, I admit it. Silence is hard for some of us, especially the rare extrovert on Tumblr, because you fill in the blanks with horrible, icky things. But you know what I don’t do?

Assume that person is an asshole. I take a step back, shrug and find my own positive way to fill the space. Because if I’m struggling with things, I know that the other person likely is too and I have no intention of making their road harder. This is fun for all of us, and trying to shame someone who says no to something is outright disgusting.

If you have a problem with the way someone is treating you, you talk to them face to face, not submit their name to a shaming blog. That is the worst sort of bullying and I’m ashamed to see it floating around this community.

Gotta problem with it? Feel free to take it up with me in my inbox. ]


[ i’m not crying you’re crying ]