Bed time for this teenager, I’m feeling sick and kinda getting flashbacks of things to do with my late grandfather, especially with things to do with my grandmother it’s just all triggering and I need to head towards the place called bed so goodnight, I’ll be on tomorrow hopefully, I really miss playing my Stydia Child but I’ll be back on Lydia tomorrow like I usually stay on there, her drafts are my top priority, I’m just feeling pretty weak and having one of my really weak and down feeling and spell moods

viridiorca-archive asked:

hi! you can either let your muse be dedicated to only one muse (aus is okay) and make the relationship more realistic + more development, or you can have multiple ships in the same verse (you can prioritise on a specific muse and being with others isn't considered as cheating). i hope this helps!!! i still have that dilemma tbh. ;A;

Hello~ Yes yes I know and I’ve run both kinds of blogs in the past but I’m more torn than usual in this case. Because I rather enjoy some complications that can pop up being a single-ship blog, the realistic things that lead to arguements in real life as well and all, but that’d mean settling on one ship and I’m kind of still stumbling through the Free! shipping area, all blinded by all the pairings xD