……..Have you guys seen the names of the 2009 Star Trek songs? I thought this was a joke but these are the actual official names. “Hella Bar Talk” “Nice To Meld You” “Nero Death Experience” “Does It Still McFly” “That New Car Smell”……. You guys are a mess. And I love you so much for it.


I’m not really feeling like doing drafts right now. Just went through a really emotional thing, and I’m still recovering. But today is my cheat meal day, so after I have my gourmet mac and cheese dinner with healthy brownies for dessert I should be feeling better.


-groans loudly and glares at dog- I hadn’t even slept five hours before my parents left and Luna was handed off to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love this dog. But she did not want to cuddle and sleep. She wanted her breakfast, she wanted to play, and she made that fact known. Loudly. But now that she’s eaten, she’s napping on her pillow…… Of fucking course.

Long story short, I guess I’m online now.

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I will always use that gif when returning to a blog. It is my go to. I’m so glad I made it… Anyway, I had a John blog that didn’t go well, so I decided to come back over here because I love Jim.


Well, today was a pretty great day. Got a lot of attention for Kirk, and hopefully the threads I’ve started will continue and develop into new relationships. But for now, I need to sleep. Feel free to send me stuff while I’m away!

Chatzy - RP Room

So I’m still trying to get my muse to come back, and I thought maybe we could try this again when more people are online. Please come rp with us, I really don’t want to lose this muse.

All characters are welcome (OCs will be asked to give more info on their character). Doubles on characters or colours will be asked to change. This RP takes place in the Rec Room of the Enterprise. Jim Kirk is the admin.

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