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So you finally’ve come… Good.

It is time. I must undo as much of the damage that I’ve caused as I can. This city… It feasts like- like parasites upon my little ones. I have allowed this sin to fester and grow for far too long.

The Rapture nightmare… It must end.

But they will fight to keep this nightmare, this city alive. They thrive off my little ones. ADAM, EVE, Plasmids, Gene Tonics. Even the vendor machines all accept ADAM. And the girls… They are the heart of the city. They recycle the ADAM. They ensure the cycle never ends.

Around and round the circle goes… Like a terrible snake forever devouring its own tail.

We will break that circle. With your help, we shall sever the serpent’s head and, hopefully, my sins will be finished, once and for all. Please. You must stop this nightmare. Think of the little ones! How many have suffered the weight of my sin? How many more shall must do the same?

It your choice. Will you help my little ones? Will you help me stop this nightmare?

Go. We cannot talk anymore now. I shall meet you here the same time next week. Go!

Sometimes you have to just stop whatever you’re working on on your blog and just gaze in awe at your dash and the talent it displays. Because, man, the tumblr role-play community is brimming with talented writers with brilliant writing styles and takes on characters. And I know I don’t message people about this a lot, and I know that I should, but just know that every person that i follow is wonderful at what they do. Not only that, however, they truly inspire me, also. I just wanted all of you to know that. 

Okay! I’m going to be doing the hunger games simulator!

If you want your character in it, just like this! Please make sure if it’s an OC you have icons of them  (or at least an image available) so I can use one!

I need 23 players for a full game!