Respect Original Characters

    If you disrespect OCs, you disrespect all authors.

    OC stands for Original Character. Whether or not they exist in a fandom that is not their own does not matter. That’s why it’s not Original Story it’s Original Character. An OC is created solely off of the imagination of the author to carry out their purpose whether it be to love another character, to solve a conflict, or something else.

    It is understandable if someone does not like a character that is a mary-sue or gary-stu. These are characters who are either a writer’s self-insert (which the reader wouldn’t know if they don’t the author) or characters that seem too “perfect”. However, making mary-sues or gary-stus is a step in the OC creation process. These are typically made by beginning authors. They need time and people to help them develop their characters. No one is going to make a first draft of a character and call it a final, it takes time for characters to develop fears, strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, etc. It’s like revising an essay. You’ll move things around and change things until they’re nearly perfect, but nothing is ever “perfect”. You’ll ask your peers for their advice and to revise any potential errors. In the roleplaying world, a roleplay partner should point out any flaws or something that may improve a character. This is what makes characters less of a mary-stu or gary-stu. But the thing is, no one gives them a chance.

    As an author in the roleplay community with several OC roleplay blogs, I myself and a few other OC authors have been having a hard time being accepted by those who play canon characters. This is why I’m writing this. Someone was bashing OCs in general, saying that they were an annoyance. Maybe it’s hard for some people to grasp, but canon characters are original characters. Someone created Tamaki Suoh, someone created Harry Potter, someone created Captain Jack Sparrow, but only when they got a popular movie, anime, book, etc. did they become what we know as “canon”. They’re still original to someone regardless of what people say. There are also canon characters that are more than perfect, but no one bashes them as much as people criticize original characters. 

    I’m not saying that there aren’t people who aren’t accepting of the creativity and imagination of Original Characters. It’s just that there isn’t enough people who are willing to look deeper into a character. Many criticize OCs before they really get to know them or their story. It’s disrespectful of people to do this without getting a good look. Maybe if people give more constructive criticism, OCs will receive a new makeover and the stereotype will be changed.

    Let’s please get rid of the stereotype that all OCs are mary-sues or gary-stus. Because let’s admit it. There are people who will go onto an OCs page and say, “This character is an OC, they must suck," and not look into the backstory, the canons, or the intricate details that the author spend days, weeks, yearsputting into a character. And because of what? A lousy stereotype.

    Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Don’t judge a character by their author. Don’t judge an author by their character. Help us develop our characters. Give us constructive criticism to make us better. Respect that we have flaws and that nothing is perfect.


Yo, never be afraid to come and bother my muse on anon or not. I live for destroying them and breaking them to where they can’t return. I love it when people pester them about their relationships and feelings. Just because the muse may feel and say one thing doesn’t mean I, the mun do. I thrive for those asks that challenge my character and, in fact, most of them help build my characterization. So ask away my friends.

Alright, this is a PSA to EVERYBODY out there. I just had a problem with someone involving one of my RPs. This person in this picture that I was talking to, I had to tell, this image would be the second time, about reblogging an RP that did not involve them. Their response is the one with the blacked out icon and name as can be seen obviously. Well, I told them not to and that a lot of people like me who RP, would rather not have people reblogging RPs they do not belong in. Their next response was that I had challenged them because I had told them that if they do it again, I would be forced to do something about it.

Well, they did it again and I blocked them. I want to point out several things that RP blogs have reblogged in a separate post before about RPs, other RPers and Personal Blogs.


  • Reblog RPs you are not in
  • Reblog asks that do not involve them
  • Interrupt an RP that you are not in

This person pretty much ignored all of these and all of the basic things and apparently has no respect for other people. If you wish to know who this person is in the picture that I am speaking to, IM me if you think they might do the same thing to you.

I’ve officially hit 150 followers! So, you know what that means!

Oh my gosh! Firstly, this is a really hard list for me to make and honestly I would love to add you all. I’ve been here what? Three days? Never have I ever felt more belonged. The kindness I’ve been shown is beyond admirable and I will do my damnedest to get a thread of some sort with all of you!

But, for now, let’s get down to business shall we? 

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It’s not an uber long list, but you guys have especially made me feel welcome. And as I’ve said before my ask box is always open to whatever shenanigans you have in store for me or our muses!

Characters I miss from OUAT:

  • Ruby
  • Peter Pan
  • Granny
  • Maurice
  • Gaston
  • Maleficent
  • King George
  • August
  • Gepetto
  • Blue Fairy
  • Nova
  • Ariel
  • Eric
  • Jefferson
  • Grace
  • Wendy Darling
  • John Darling
  • All of the Darlings
  • Grumpy
  • Doc
  • All of the drawfs
  • Rapunzel
  • You know
  • All of the characters that were overlooked because they only served as a plot device for the main characters despite how much interest people had in them and how ell they could have been developed

…waiting at the train station… and there is a shirtless man, high as fuck, running around yelling absolute nonsense…

and there he goes with security. o.o’’
ahhh… public transportation is weird…

[ okay, so I have to say this. I just want to thank each and every one of you who have welcomed me into this fandom and/or has done a thread with me. I was telling my friend this morning that I owe you guys a lot more than you’d think. The past few months haven’t been the best, but that’s a very long story, and I used to rely on RP to help me with that. But, evidently I was pushed out of most of my previous fandoms and muses. And then I thought ‘what the hell? I will make a TEW blog and see how it goes’ I even covered my bases by having a RL and VG FC. Anyway, I got off topic, I just want to say that I enjoy watching everyone on my dashboard. You’re all perfect and you make me feel both welcomed, appreciated, and safe. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve been able to actually get through a day without feeling utterly terrible with myself. I know it might sound cliche or ignorant, because I know there’s people in worse scenarios, but it’s true. And I want you all to know that if any one of you needs anything at all my askbox is always open. I just want to return the kindness you’ve showed me. ]

<3 Thank you!

Out of Sanity: Hi there! Thank you so much for all the love and all the messages I’ve been getting .//. Everyone has been so lovely and I look forward to replying more of you, if you ever want to give me prompts, please feel free to do so! Currently I’m in a bunch ARAMS with my friends so replies are really late, but I assure you that I’m super excited to chat with all of you .//. Heh! I get so happy when I see new messages! Once more, Thank you and I love you all <3

out. it’s that time of the year again, the end of it, and i must say, this will most certainly not be a year i will easily forget anytime soon. from all the amazing people i’ve had the honour to meet and interact with and be welcomed so openly to an array of fandoms and people alike. to expand my writing abilities ( and confidence!! ) alongside some of the most fantastic writers i’ve come to see, it’s all surreal. not before have i continued on in a character for so long and i like to believe it’s because of all the opportunities i’ve been presented with this account. so here’s a little something, from me to you, to express how thankful i am to have created strong friendships, improved my writing and myself through the past year. ( banner credited to patch. )

the baes.; from the good times to the bad, from how much we chat about nothingness to astounding me with your talent, you will all remain in my heart til the very end.

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                                                   here is to another great year!!

So I downloaded a Bible app to study up some verses because As Nodt is super religious (yes that’s canon)… and people in my class were glancing over my shoulder and giving me weird looks… o-o I’m definitely seen as a heretic or something now because I claim Atheism, yet here I am, reading Heaven and Hell like a devout follower… Hnnnnnn…


Okay, so I finished watching markiplier’s playthrough of Ib, but I’m kinda confused. Probably because I’m dumb. I get that the artist’s soul lives in his art, but why did they come to life in the first place? Was there any significance to the Ib dolls hanging in the “sketchbook” portion of the gallery? Why did Ib see cute bunnies and Garry see creepy dolls??

But most importantly…
                why does Garry’s hair look like an upside down, wilted blue rose?

out. I am going to attempt to make this super quick because I am a horrendous rambler when it comes to praise & appreciation – so hello everyone!! It has been a wild ride for the past couple of years, to say the very least. From gaining new friends, to evolving my muse by threading & interacting with some fantastic writers, to the late nights & early mornings, to everyday in between ( even the bad ones, especially the bad ones ), you guys have been there for my & my character. I am beyond being grateful & honoured to know you guys, & whilst I cannot say that I know each & every one of you as well as I would like to, your presence on my dash, watching you all enjoy yourselves & do what you love, it is a great motivator to continue on through the bad days. So, what I guess I’m trying to get at, is THANK YOU ; regardless of our relationship, thank you. Here’s to two great years & many more ♥

                                    WE’RE ALL MAD HERE

( to those who have been with me either from the beginning, the very beginning, or have had a profound affect on both Chester & I ).

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