Respect Original Characters

    If you disrespect OCs, you disrespect all authors.

    OC stands for Original Character. Whether or not they exist in a fandom that is not their own does not matter. That’s why it’s not Original Story it’s Original Character. An OC is created solely off of the imagination of the author to carry out their purpose whether it be to love another character, to solve a conflict, or something else.

    It is understandable if someone does not like a character that is a mary-sue or gary-stu. These are characters who are either a writer’s self-insert (which the reader wouldn’t know if they don’t the author) or characters that seem too “perfect”. However, making mary-sues or gary-stus is a step in the OC creation process. These are typically made by beginning authors. They need time and people to help them develop their characters. No one is going to make a first draft of a character and call it a final, it takes time for characters to develop fears, strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, etc. It’s like revising an essay. You’ll move things around and change things until they’re nearly perfect, but nothing is ever “perfect”. You’ll ask your peers for their advice and to revise any potential errors. In the roleplaying world, a roleplay partner should point out any flaws or something that may improve a character. This is what makes characters less of a mary-stu or gary-stu. But the thing is, no one gives them a chance.

    As an author in the roleplay community with several OC roleplay blogs, I myself and a few other OC authors have been having a hard time being accepted by those who play canon characters. This is why I’m writing this. Someone was bashing OCs in general, saying that they were an annoyance. Maybe it’s hard for some people to grasp, but canon characters are original characters. Someone created Tamaki Suoh, someone created Harry Potter, someone created Captain Jack Sparrow, but only when they got a popular movie, anime, book, etc. did they become what we know as “canon”. They’re still original to someone regardless of what people say. There are also canon characters that are more than perfect, but no one bashes them as much as people criticize original characters. 

    I’m not saying that there aren’t people who aren’t accepting of the creativity and imagination of Original Characters. It’s just that there isn’t enough people who are willing to look deeper into a character. Many criticize OCs before they really get to know them or their story. It’s disrespectful of people to do this without getting a good look. Maybe if people give more constructive criticism, OCs will receive a new makeover and the stereotype will be changed.

    Let’s please get rid of the stereotype that all OCs are mary-sues or gary-stus. Because let’s admit it. There are people who will go onto an OCs page and say, “This character is an OC, they must suck," and not look into the backstory, the canons, or the intricate details that the author spend days, weeks, yearsputting into a character. And because of what? A lousy stereotype.

    Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Don’t judge a character by their author. Don’t judge an author by their character. Help us develop our characters. Give us constructive criticism to make us better. Respect that we have flaws and that nothing is perfect.


So given the revelation of A Date with Markiplier and a boost in the Darkiplier fandom since yesterday, I am going to give this blog a complete overhaul.

All current/planned rps will stand and continue but everything else will be getting reset.

I’m at work currently so it will be started later on today.

Alright, this is a PSA to EVERYBODY out there. I just had a problem with someone involving one of my RPs. This person in this picture that I was talking to, I had to tell, this image would be the second time, about reblogging an RP that did not involve them. Their response is the one with the blacked out icon and name as can be seen obviously. Well, I told them not to and that a lot of people like me who RP, would rather not have people reblogging RPs they do not belong in. Their next response was that I had challenged them because I had told them that if they do it again, I would be forced to do something about it.

Well, they did it again and I blocked them. I want to point out several things that RP blogs have reblogged in a separate post before about RPs, other RPers and Personal Blogs.


  • Reblog RPs you are not in
  • Reblog asks that do not involve them
  • Interrupt an RP that you are not in

This person pretty much ignored all of these and all of the basic things and apparently has no respect for other people. If you wish to know who this person is in the picture that I am speaking to, IM me if you think they might do the same thing to you.


{no you don’t understand this is the perfect stein/medusa song}

Random mun facts

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1. What’s your name?


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February 8th

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4. Have a crush?

The baes: twitches-and-stutters tweektweakthafreak @ultra-kosherkylie queen-douchebag

5. What’s your favourite colour?


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FOB, Seether, One Republic, ect

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9. Favourite drink?

anything sweet. Sweet coffee, sweet tea, juice.

10. Tag ten people

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Okay, so I finished watching markiplier’s playthrough of Ib, but I’m kinda confused. Probably because I’m dumb. I get that the artist’s soul lives in his art, but why did they come to life in the first place? Was there any significance to the Ib dolls hanging in the “sketchbook” portion of the gallery? Why did Ib see cute bunnies and Garry see creepy dolls??

But most importantly…
                why does Garry’s hair look like an upside down, wilted blue rose?