“Your wishes…By now, you’ve probably got a lot of them, don’t you? Well, today’s a pretty lucky day. For me, anyway.~ Just take care not to share the same fate, if you draw from this deck, okay? Good luck.”

// It’s still Friday the 13th somewhere, i think….

D-ne’s canon weapon of choice is scissors. They’re everywhere in her PV, with purple and blue handles… She carries a pair around too.

Reason: She’s a a lesbian. She sure as hell wouldn’t kill B-ko, with a box cutter.

C-ta uses the box cutter to kill A-ya cuz he’s homo, B-ko doesn’t even use anything, since she’s confused, and A-ya reached for scissors cuz he likes B-ko.

//I really overslept today. Make me stop before I break something…//

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Yeah… I’ve got 5 muses… Say hello everyone… “”Hi.”” Mary and Hibiya greeted, hiding behind D-ne. “Hey.” C-ta smiled and waved. “”Hello.”” B-ko and D-ne greeted, smiling.

“Let’s see here, you’ve got the Shota-boy, the Fluffy-girl, the homo Pretty-boy, B-ko, and the Princess…Wow…you might be able to start a hotel soon…” C-ne pointed at each of them, showing which person had which nickname. “C-ne…how do you have nicknames for all of these people?” C-ne started humming, before he said, “You shouldn’t underestimate the lengths that a stalker like me will go through, to find more information, A-ya.~ Right, Princess? It’s just that I’m more obvious about this…hobby… than she is…” //C-ne, what…what are you saying…DO YOU REALIZE HOW CREEPY YOUR WORDS ARE SOUNDING?// “Isn’t that why you gave me the nickname, ‘Creepy Stalker Girl’?” //“…”//
blind-songstress replied to your post(It’s been a long time since I’ve used this account ww) -arrives at their house holding a paper bag filled with containers- I’ve brought fooooooood~

D-ne-chan, you’ll get fat if you continue to eat sweets.

“Aah, but Fluffy hasn’t been feeding me lately…she’s been messing with the Boring-boy…”

“Hey, watch it D-ne…I can’t really help the fact that C-ta’s been on my tail…You’re not any better with B-ko around!”

//Help…the pessimistic children are arguing again…//