how i imagine god saying he would help humans against the noah
  • God:...and you'll fight them with innocence.
  • Humans:uh like with virgins?
  • Humans:virgins to fight them with their virginity power?
  • God:what? no not virginity i said innocence
  • Humans:what like pure people?
  • Humans:we already tried with priests but it didn't work
  • God:*facepalms*



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Okay, I think I need to explain the world a thing about Miranda and Flint’s sex scene. 

Flint came home the previous night to her reading the book. Obviously he wasn’t very happy about it, because he was yelling about it after they had sex:

“You know why I’m upset.”
“Because I read to him?!”
“There’s a whole shelf full of books! Why did you have to read him that one?!”

We know how Flint gets when he’s pissed off, the man rages like a hurricane. If he was upset before and after, he was likely upset during. He wasn’t touching her or fucking her because he was mad at her. Not because he was disinterested, not because he doesn’t love her, but because he was pissed off. He still got into bed did he not?If he was completely disinterested, why would he even bother getting in bed with her? She still got off did she not?

It was his way of saying “I’m mad at you, so I’m not gonna touch you or do anything.” But Miranda freaking Barlow is a goddess and was just like “No, fuck you homeboy I’m getting my orgasm so lay down and stfu.” It was a complete and total power play between them and had zero to do with how in love they are or how attracted they are.

That and it was total storyline misdirection because of the whole “she’s a witch, she controls his soul” thing that got said like right before that scene but that’s another thing entirely.

Will go into this further later will details but yo.

“Don’t want to be a bad guy.
         I’m just a loner baby, and now you’ve got in my way.”
“I can’t decide whether you should live or die. 
          Oh you’ll probably go to heaven please don’t hang your head and cry.” 

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Ok so I feel kinda bad cause I know it’s pretty much confirmed canon that Milah was an artist but I’m just not feeling it? My muse always looks at me like what? when I bring it up to her. So… idk what to do about that.