The Empress of China AU where Wu Meiniang, Xu Hui, Xiao Chang and Zheng Wanyan team up instead of competing against each other for Li Shimin’s affections and for the title of Empress. Instead, they intend to root out all the evildoing court officials and bring them to justice, to protect the Tang Dynasty from corruption. Wu Meiniang with her leadership and charisma, Xu Hui with her kindness and loyalty, Xiao Chang with her noble roots to the Wei Clan and her sassiness, and Zheng Wanyan with her determination and manipulation skills… they’re an unstoppable team. Together, the four help root out Consort Xiao and Empress Wang. When Wu Meiniang ascends to become Empress, she promotes Xu Hui, Xiao Chang and Zheng Wanyan into high ranks. The four live tranquil lives of prosperity until they die of natural causes, of old age.

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Name: Riel
Nicknames: Term, 99, Ferret, Ree
Birthday: February 2nd
Gender: Agender (Female pronouns, though, please and thank you!)
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Height: 5'5 ½"

Favorite color: Black; dark pink; rich violet; teal 
Time and date at current moment: November 18th (2014); 9:17 PM
Average hours of sleep: 6
Lucky Number: N/A
Last thing I googled: Adam’s Song lyrics
First word that comes to mind: “What”
One place that makes me happy: My room~
How many blankets I sleep under: ¾!

Favorite Fictional Character: T OO MANY >V>;;;
Book: (Does FireWire count?? If not nO FLIPPIN’ IDEA HEH)
Animation: Young Justice (and Digimon, Digmon Frontier…)
TV show: Criminal Minds, Flashpoint, the Haunted…
Favorite Beverage: Cola (Coke, specifically)
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Last movie I’ve seen in cinemas: The Hunger Games (yep, the first part of the series ahaha)
Dream Holiday: MY ROOM IS GR8 THNKS
Dream Wedding: Something relaxing~ q u q -shrug-
Dream Job: Author/artist~

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PSA Regarding Passive-Aggressive Posting

{outofillusions}: I mean when I see passive-aggressive shit on the dash, whether directed at me or not, it just makes me not wanna roleplay with the person that posted it. I won’t want to be guilted into roleplaying with you or have catty little reminders that I just don’t have time right now because of, you guessed it, real life.

Because it not only makes me anxious, but likely other people that are reading it on their dash. If you have a problem with some one, address them directly and be a grown up about it. This is a hate-free blog, and that also includes passive-aggressive behaviour.

If I see it, I will unfollow you, no matter who you are. I cannot deal with that crap.

Just don’t, son.

           G A S P