In the rotbtfd fandom I see loads of disagreements about the hogwarts!au, and especially about the houses! like:
If Hiccup is a ravenclaw or hufflepuff.
If Anna is a Hufflepuff or Gryffindor.
If Elsa is a slytherin or ravenclaw.
If Jack is a gryffindor or slytherin.
or if Rapunzel is a Ravenclaw or hufflepuff.

The only thing this fandom seems to agree on is that Merida is a gryffindor.


And my new hijack-video is up. I promise the next one will be more dramatic and angst like than this little piece of crack n’ fluff.

Have you ever felt like telling your crush that “Hey I got a crush on you! It’s totally fine that you dont feel the same way though, I just thought you deserved to know that.” but then you just dont because you’re afraid you’ll ruin the friendship and make things super awkward??

My mom always gets grumpy when her boyfriend and I start to talk about animated movies. We both LOVE them all and I’ve even given him the nickname ‘wreck-it-Alf’ because.. Well, his name is Alf and he loves the movie to death!! And every time I go into the livingroom his reaction is to yell out in a scottish accent:

My mom is so tired of our shit.

There’s this girl that’s commenting on all my youtube videos and at first she was like “I dont ship this. Jack is 21 and Hiccup is 14 its soo wrong.” And before I even got to explain to her that Jack is more likely to be 17 and Hiccup is 15 she had commented on another on my videos saying something like “I dont ship this but I like it.” and THEN shortly 1-2 minutes after she commented on another of my videos saying “OH MY GOD THIS IS GREAT I’M FANGIRLING.” and I’m just sitting here confused because I think I turned her into a hijacker.


And my Anna/Merida video is uploaded. This is kinda a vent-video, idk really. I just really really wanted to make this short little thing.