This is a good video and you should all have a chance at seeing it.
Possible spoilers at the ending bit with Luffy, but that’s about it.
Original video clip:
【手描き】みんなの リズム海賊 リミックス10th 【ワンピースパロ】

I have good days and I have bad days for photographs; last night was a bad day for me because I do believe I resemble a chipmunk, however, the boy beside me makes up for all that with his beautiful smile. I don’t like to smile in photo’s —— most people will have picked up on that, so I am still a fair bit unsure about posting this, but because I love him so much, I’m making an effort.

# LEGGO  # *tears up bc she’s like my o.g. writing partner*  # literally i think i’ve been writing with her longer than anyone else on this site anymore omg   

     [ Omggg, it’s your life purpose to get me when I’m least expecting
       it and I sufferrrr because you’re oh so perfect & I have never been
       able to keep up with you but dear god ilysm and I just <333 ]