If I could [ fall ]
              Into the sky

                                          Do you think time
                                       Would pass [ us ] by

         Cause you know
                    I’d walk a thousand miles
    If I could just see you

                                                             If I could just [ hold ] you

Barma Dukedom

       ❝ The Barma Dukedom is one of the higher-class Four Great Dukedoms that was formed by Jack Vessalius following the Tragedy of Sablier. The Barma Dukedom is the only one of the Four Great Dukedoms to be composed of individuals from a foreign country, as they were exiled from their own country prior to the Tragedy. Jack had included the Barmas in the Four Great Dukedoms because of his partnership with Miranda Barma and because of Arthur Barma’s help leading up to and following the Tragedy. Despite not willingly providing his services to Jack, Arthur had done so because he didn’t want to expose Jack as the monster he was and risk the Barmas losing their power in society, and so the Barmas have been of higher standing for 100 years because of their dark past.