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It’s been a little over a year since I started this blog, and I really never imagined that I would get anywhere over ten followers. I just want to thank every single one of you so much for following my derpy little blog, and a special thank you to those who have been here since the beginning. <3 I adore you all, and look forward to another year plus of roleplaying with you. I would also like to formally apologize for any and every RP I  lost or dropped. ^^’ Lets get on with this then, yeah? 


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You are all so special to me, and I love each and every one of you. Bolded user names are people that I would have put in a special mentions category if I had patience. For one reason or another they hold a special place in my heart and make the ice there melt a little bit more. once again thank you all for sticking around. I really appreciate it. 

Okay hate anons. Listen here.
Tall or short, heavier set, or skin and bone, or some where in between. Dark skin, light skin, sandy skin, or any shade on the rainbow and beyond. Hair color doesn’t matter either. You could have blonde, black, brown, or rainbow hair. As long as you like it.
Eye color? Nope. Can’t hate on it.
IQ? Nope. Not aloud to hate here either.
Economic status? Nope.
Type of house? Nope
Height, weight, gender, sexuality, sexual association or orientation? Nope, no hating aloud.
Back ground? Nope.
Where you came from? Nope.
You could dye your hair pink, have a face full of piercings, body covered in tattoos, and run about in drag all day, and its shouldn’t matter as long as you are happy with yourself. And it doesn’t in my eyes. Everyone is beautiful and perfect.
You CAN show as much or little skin as you want.
You CAN do what ever you want to your body as long as you are happy.
Hate Anons. How would you like it if I pointed out every scar, every little spot of fat, every little flaw on you? Hm? Stop hating other people for who they are. You’re just being a horrible person. And they are perfect. You are perfect to, I’m sure. But if you keep hating. You’ll ruin your perfection until you are hidious. On the inside. No one will see the outer beauty. Only the moster within. So please stop.

“Shit I still have to kiss a Nobody…”
((True dat.))
“Can I just kiss one of them? Both Xigbar and Vexen would be awkward…”
((Fine choose one.))
“… Vexen. Less chance of getting groped.”
((Higher chance of being disected over those pretty little wings and cat features.))
((Fine. Go. Do it now. I dare you.))
“Well fine! I will!” -storms off-
((Haha… works everytime…))

vampire-chronicles-rp said: you’ll do fine seriously, regardless of him being a canon character he’s your version of that character, i’ll happily rp with him

((B-but… he’s ‘The Brat Prince Lestat~’ and… I [as of current] am a whimpering blob on the floor wearing a batman cape…
I-I Will make a starter though… if you really think I’ll do okay…))


My mom told me to do my hair and make up as i will be doing it for school on monday. The first picture is how I would be happy wearing it, what she sees as a “mess.” i like it that way though, and see no problem with it. the second is after I straightened it, the only option I have at this point as I have no other styling tools in my house.

me: It looks-

my mom: good.

me: stupid. -_-’

what do you think, tumblr? I want honesty, not candy coated shit. Honestly what do you think.

like or reblog if you want your, or your character's name written in Grimoire Fatalibus

For those who don’t know, Grimoire Fatalibus is a copy of a book my muse (Fate) is supposed to have. It contains both magic spells, and the names of people she is supposed to reap. I don’t really know what to write for names, so I thought I would turn to the 336 people who follow me. But even if you don’t follow, feel free to reblog! I hope to fill almost the entire book, and write fifteen names for page.
It would also serve as a great book of memories for me, as tumblr is a big part of my daily life.
So, the plan is to fill a page, take a picture, and post everytime I fill a page until the book is full (with the exception of a few pages for Latin spells).
Can I count on you tumblr?

..... like if you want a promo?

One a day every day until I run out of people to promote, and I MIGHT just do art work as a sort of promo for you and put it in the description. Maybe… if I can draw your muse. Either way, free promo for roleplay blogs? There are like.. 260 people that follow me.. so chances are you will gain at least one follower from it… and I will write some really nice stuff about you in the link description.