Fake People

[Copied from @Nicole-the-lynx320 on DeviantART, as people need to see this]

A teacher in New York was teaching her class about bullying and gave them the following exercise to perform. She had the children take out a piece of paper and told them to crumple it up, stomp on it and really mess it up, not to rip it. Then she had them unfold the paper, smooth it out and look at how scarred and dirty it was. She then told them to tell it they’re sorry. Now, even though they said they were sorry and tried to fix the paper, she pointed out all the scars they left behind. And that those scars will never go away no matter how hard they tried to fix it. That is what happens when a child bullies another child, they may say they’re sorry, but the scars are there forever. The looks on the faces of the children in the classroom told her the message hit home. Reblog this if you are against bullying.
Let’s see who will actually reblog this. This is a test to see who’s paying attention. This is a test to see how many people list actually pay attention. Reblog to your own followers. Let’s see who the real people are. Reblog this if you care about this kind of situation. Don’t reply… just put this your followers’ dashboards so they can see.

[[ @icecracks and i just watched teen beach 2 and all you guys need to know is that we screamed during the entire ending because of all the metaphysical implications of the alternate universes mack created and how it’s literally not a happy ending for ANYONE except mack and lela. ]]

[[ i feel like redoing my tags and making them all fancy but planning that out sounds hard. 

it’s 100% because i want the ship name for bonnet and dodger to be “loading bullets with my blood in the rounds” ]]

it’s important!!! to understand the era in which your character is from!!! If they’re from the 50s its very unlikely that they will be okay with homosexuality or know that cigarettes are bad or know certain phrases that are around today!! Observe clips from movies, read wiki articles, look at quotes from people in that time period, even just play the game or watch the show your character is from and listen closely to the manner in which they speak.

its fine to joke around and not be serious, but if you’re roleplaying with me I certainly would no longer wish to associate with your character if they suddenly say “Hey, wanna listen to some katy perry?” it’s very disruptive and unless your character is from a different time period it is not okay to do that or expect mine to understand.

Remember that yes, you can do whatever you want. But that doesn’t mean people have to like it, and it certainly doesn’t make them obligated to roleplay with you.

[watches the end of someone’s playthru of burial at sea on youtube bc maybe itll be not as bad]

[I was fucking wrong]

[tfw its almost been a month since it came out and i still can’t handle playing/watching any bioshock games without getting really sad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ]