TOP is just magic. He’s a mix of a curious young boy and a wise old man. Intelligent with a sense of humor. He developed his very own characteristic way of moving, speaking and acting. He’s always perfectly prepared for his role. The greatest challenge for the director is to capture his magic on-screen.
—  Director Axel Sand about Choi Seunghyun (c)

first and last panels/scenes together (not including prologue kk)

(ahhh i cant believe its over, really. when I think about this manhwa i feel nostalgic and bittersweet bc its over, even tho it only began and ended recently!

as soon as i read the last chapter I pulled up these two images side by side and its just so incredible!! look at how they started, and what their relationship became, endured, and grew into!!! also take a look at the development in BBong’s lovely art!!

anyways, I like to imagine that these boys live a warm and golden life together, always supporting each other, full of love!!!!)


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HEY GUYS. FRIENDLY REMINDER THAT SOME PEOPLE JUST DON’T CLICK WITH EACHOTHER, EITHER OOC OR IN THEIR IC WRITING and that has no bearing on anyone’s personal worth or talent as a writer. some people can write multi-para threads with eachother. some can only communicate through ic asks. others might never rp at all but get along great out of character. either way - sometimes writing just doesn’t click. don’t feel bad, or make anyone else feel bad, for that. I LITERALLY HAVE SCORES OF FRIENDS THAT I CAN’T WRITE WITH AT ALL OR THAT I CAN ONLY DO SHORT IC ASKS AND SUCH WITH BECAUSE OUR STYLES DON’T MESH OR WE CAN’T HOLD PROPER THREADS OR WHATEVER THE HELL. it doesn’t mean shit.

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