HEY GUYS. FRIENDLY REMINDER THAT SOME PEOPLE JUST DON’T CLICK WITH EACHOTHER, EITHER OOC OR IN THEIR IC WRITING and that has no bearing on anyone’s personal worth or talent as a writer. some people can write multi-para threads with eachother. some can only communicate through ic asks. others might never rp at all but get along great out of character. either way - sometimes writing just doesn’t click. don’t feel bad, or make anyone else feel bad, for that. I LITERALLY HAVE SCORES OF FRIENDS THAT I CAN’T WRITE WITH AT ALL OR THAT I CAN ONLY DO SHORT IC ASKS AND SUCH WITH BECAUSE OUR STYLES DON’T MESH OR WE CAN’T HOLD PROPER THREADS OR WHATEVER THE HELL. it doesn’t mean shit.


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Okay guys! Before I even begin to explain the stuff that went into the Sanzo-ikkou’s typing, I’m going to give you all some base information.

The Judging functions are as follows:
Te - Extraverted Thinking
Ti - Introverted Thinking
Fe - Extraverted Feeling
Fi - Introverted Feeling

and the Perceiving functions are as follows:
Se - Extraverted Sensing
Si - Introverted Sensing
Ne - Extraverted iNtuiting
Ni - Introverted iNtuiting

You use all of these functions. Your first four are what you use most in order of your ~preference~ (no, I don’t mean you actively choose this really, but that you just do it on your own. Your four functions that make your type are what, in order, you have a propensity for when reacting to and evaluating the world and your own psyche). The other four lie in the shadows in wait (literally)—they are your shadow functions. They are your weakest functions, and everywhere I’ve read recommends that you don’t waste your time developing them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve read some things about how your tertiary and inferior functions develop with age, but that’s not the point lol.

Here are two pictures that briefly explain what they mean, courtesy of myersandbriggs (and whoever else, lmfao). I give you these pictures because I’m not into it to give you a long-winded explanation of what these things mean, or the long dissertation required for that, their relationships with each other, their order and its significance, the types’ shadow functions, or how the letters in the types are determined. I’m just here to show you something really cool that helps me, personally, remember the difference.

There’s a big point in them being differentiated as Judging and Perceiving, and here’s how I remember:

You receive stimulus every day.  You get overloaded by stuff. Your functions are responsible for dealing with it.

Your Perceiving functions are like collectors. They take in all the stuff you see and sense and perceive and pile it up. They collect all of this stimulus and cool stuff for your use and you do this shit pretty much unconsciously and without your notice.

Your Judging functions are like organizers or filters. You do this just as unconsciously, but it’s more easily noticeable: this is how your mind sorts through all of the stuff, determines what it is and how you should react to it, determines if it’s important, if it’s truth and fact or total horse manure, and so on. 

So your Perceiving functions are like the intrepid adventurers that go across the world and take in all the information and souvenirs and fossils from their travels, and the Judging functions are the poor sods that the Perceiving functions dump all the shit on to go through and interpret and rifle through to determine what’s worth keeping and what isn’t.

And this happens automatically. You have to be a total nerd like me to sit back and think about this and make totally obscure references like this one in order to make sense of it all.
(Veruca isn’t the important part—the eggs and system that filters them between ‘bad’ and 'good’ are. That is literally how I remember and differentiate between the way the functions work and it could be totally erroneous lol. I’ve been told by an INFP that Veruca is basically them on a daily basis—their Fi expressing the penchant for give me all the things and  )

This information is important and useful outside of my explanations of characters to you, and I feel it’s equally as important for self-understanding if you all have a general idea as to how these functions dictate how your brain chugs along.

Just remember the whole thing about Perceiving functions being the adventurers that rob Egyptian tombs and bring back sarcophagi and the Judging functions being the ones that have to sort through all the artifacts and other dumb detritus they might have brought in or just let stick to them like they’re magnetized to them.

Or something.