I really hate to do this..But im starting to feel like I have no choice.

Alright.. well I dont want to write a sob story, because that’s not the point of this. The point of this is I am in need of help.

The Problem:

My health is rapidly declining, which is why I really have not been active like I used to be, I just have not had the strength to even do anything anymore. I have nearly given up hope multiple times on getting better. But I will not allow myself to do that any longer.

Now the core issue..and the reason I am asking for money is I am states away from my home state of California, which is where I am trying to move back to, because I believe that when I go home I will have a better chance of getting myself back to a healthy state. I lost my job a few months ago, and still have some money saved up.. but not much considering I have had to use a good amount of it for food, and was not expecting to get this sick.

Ive been debating this for some time now, and.. I see a lot of nice people around tumblr who normally help people like me out in these situations..but I dont want to come across as begging so… I thought about selling some art, not for much really..just to start maybe building some money up so I can get myself back home and get myself on the road to recovery.

Im not sure on prices yet… but here are some examples of some stuff..

As I said it isnt too ‘amazing’ but.. I thought Id try something.. I know a lot of people have been selling art recently, and im not trying to jump on that train but…I really dont know what to do.. Ill most likely make a more offical post for the art if people are actually wanting to help…

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People that should consider getting a restraining order because of the level of stalk I have on their pages…

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Cassadee Pope: Frame By Frame
The docu-series reveals an intimate look into what it's like to be an aspiring artist in the country music industry. For Pope, it's a barrage of endless work days, cross-country travel and unexpected twists of fate. And throughout it all, she must keep her focus while performing new songs from her upcoming album, including the lead single "Wasting All These Tears."