the killer is
the sinner is
the wild lands and the outskirts and the center are
the angry young man and the philosopher are both
what is there

take a chance
try a gamble

I am a giggle and a sigh
a champagne bubble floating
in the sweet, summer breeze
or am I?

take a chance
make the jump

if there was ever a time
that time is now
if there was ever a one
that one is me

take a chance

tethered and bound
caught in the net

caught in the Matt

there is no defense
there is no escape
is there escape?
who wants escape?

take a chance
make a leap
jump out of the


some times I want to join you
………….don’t we all?
………….don’t we all?
but there is so much left to do
and so much


Max Mundan, (out of body) EXPERIENCE

© David Rutter 2016

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So I’ve never really talked about my experiences with astral projection, and kind of pushed them to the back of my mind until tonight.

A couple years ago I got really into out of body experiences (OBE’s). I practiced daily, became disciplined at it, and eventually could induce them fairly consistently. The experiences I had while in that state are very difficult to put words to. It was extremely exciting and intense. It was a journey, an adventure. Whenever I was there I would always have a bright glow around me that I was positive was connected to the pure joy I was feeling.

For anyone who’s experimented with astral projection, or even looked into it, you know about the silver chord. Most people agree that it is simply the connection from your astral body to your physical body. I’m not entirely sure what I believe I’m actually doing when I astral project, but this seemed like an accurate purpose of the chord. Most of the time it would extend from my front torso to my actual body.

The last time that I induced an OBE, It was a little over a year ago. I (my “astral” self) was trying to venture from my bedroom down the stairs, as I had done quite often before. Then suddenly after a step I felt a pull from my torso back towards my body. The silver chord had never before tried to command me like this! I felt betrayed. Out of anger I grabbed the chord and ripped it back towards me in the way that a jealous child would an appealing toy. I instantly realized this was a mistake. The chord faded from a bright silver to a dark grey. My bright glow also faded with it. After a few still moments, the chord violently jerked me back into my body. 

Now back in my own body, and completely out of the OBE state, my heart was pounding and I was covered in sweat. I attempted to bring my arm up to wipe my face, but it did not move. I was trapped in sleep paralysis. It had happened before, but not like this. Now my whole body was aching and pulsing. My mind was freaking out but my body could not react. I remained this way, struggling and failing to try to move a muscle, for probably 5 minutes. This was probably the most frustrating 5 minutes of my life. I then was released from my trap, sat up, and gradually calmed myself down. 

Since then I have not had an OBE, and had not even tried until tonight. I’m not sure why, but I really had the desire to get back into it. Maybe just once. As I expected, after not doing it for this long I did not get it my first try. I might try again tomorrow night.

Lucid Dreaming + Out of Body Experiences

I’ve always had pretty vivid lucid dreams, but over the past year they’ve really intensified, and I’ve started to experience what I think are out of body experiences while sleeping.

My husband I stayed in a very old Italian hotel on our honeymoon in June, and I kept joking that it was definitely haunted (there was a creepy old cradle in the corner of the room, which didn’t help!)

During a siesta one afternoon, I suddenly ‘woke up’ and realised I was a hovering a few centimetres away from the ceiling. I could clearly see the painted patterns up close, and I remember turning back to see my husband, who was awake and watching something on his iPad. I was lying next to him on our bed, asleep, mid-nap… Only I was quite clearly 'awake’ and seeing the ceiling up close!

I started to panic, because I didn’t want my husband to notice I’d somehow levitated, as I really didn’t want to scare him what with all the talk about the room being haunted. Also, I remember thinking 'what the heck is going on?!’ which made me panic even more.

As the fear began to wash over me, I fell right back down to the bed, super fast, back to my body, with an almighty vibrating noise ringing in my ears.

It was SO LOUD. I can’t emphasise enough just how loud it was. I woke up instantly and realised I was shaking; I could still hear and feel the sound vibrating through my body.

'Did you hear that?! What was that?!’ I asked my husband, who seemed totally at ease.

'What noise? I didn’t hear anything’ was his casual reply.

I started to panic even more, thinking I’d had some sort of brain aneurysm or something. I became convinced something was seriously wrong. I knew I’d definitely heard something, as it was still running through my body. I could feel it.

Fast forward to four months later, and I had another interesting out of body type dream. It started with dreaming that I was downstairs getting ready for work, making my breakfast and preparing my lunch.

All of a sudden I was standing in front of the huge mirror we have in our dining room. Face to face with my reflection, I heard myself say 'wake up!’

There was silence. I realised I was back in my bedroom, still asleep yet aware of my surroundings. 'Leave your body’ I told myself, and I felt myself 'sit up’ from my sleeping position with ease. 'Look at your bookshelf, and then turn to your left. You’re going to do downstairs and look in the mirror again.’ Just as I started to 'see’ my bookshelf clearly, my alarm went off and whoosh!

I felt myself soar back to my body, the same loud vibration as before rushing through me. This time, I didn’t feel scared. I felt excited; could I really get up and travel around while asleep?!

I don’t know why these experiences happened when they did, but I want more of them!

What are your thoughts on out of body experiences and lucid dreaming? Have you experienced anything similar? I’m so curious to find out more!