thanks to @baby-panda-yugi for becoming my 400th follower

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I wanna thank a few peeps though who have been with Saphron and I for some time… 

my top 15:

@xcry-of-kingx, @ask-henry-yugi-tudor, @heartof-thepharaoh, @seventhfracture, @macabre-shackles, @arcanelight, @destiny-be-damned, @grim-secret, @vampy-yami, @spiritsintertwined, @ceo-of-nothing-in-particular, @sillyanontheguardian, @mysouldivided, @thekingofdoorsbitch, @motou-yugi

for those of you who didn’t make the list, you’re still AWESOME! 

and I wanted to thank you guys for sticking with me and Saph for so long and here’s to another 400! xD

[ This is officially my permanent starter call but mainly if you like this I will send you ask with just random quotes/jokes or lyrics that Ted wants to yell at you. I just want to bug more people but I want to know who wants to get spammed with it.]

junior-hei-xiong-club-manager  asked:

"Excuse me miss.--" Junior said a bit shy at first but then got closer. Towards the woman's desk."I'm here to complain about a student who ha recently destroyed my club. I was wonder if who will take responsibility for it.."

“ If you are implying that I take responsibility for this,  I will destroy your club myself.. Send it to her parents, I’m sure they are dying to hear from their daughter on how she’s doing.”

I just saw my follower count

I’m 10 away from 400! wow I had no idea how many people actually like/love Saphron, and just so you all know, I love everyone single one of you guys!

sadly I don’t have the means or the ways to do a giveaway once I reach 400, but I will come up with something, and if you guys have any suggestions just message me, or IM me or whatever you deem fancy. 

thanks again to all my lovely followers, Ya’ll are SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME! 

exclusives LIST~

This is a list of exclusive that manage to gain my trust,  we possibly scream ALOT at each other, or we do things like a family. Honestly, This isn’t like a mutual list or something. Please do not assume because you aren’t in here doesn’t you aren’t a exclusive. 

Family members:

@kittycat-thief @twinphantomthieves @theshadowcollective @oneeyedsharpshooter @capn-ressentiment @worldarcanaoffools @tong-tong-fevah @ofenmity

To family: You guys are the best nerds I met while on tumblr. We have sinfests, nerdfests, and all sorts of nerding out sessions. JESUS, WE HAVE THE BEST ACTIVE FAMILY CHATTING AND AUS ALL OVER THE BLOG. 

to buds:

@food-and-guns @the-disgruntled-girly-boy @military-shop-untouchable @sassyblueberrie @hermitherbalist @uncreditedsaviors @universalskyworld @unbearably-unbelievable @sakixhaise

to buds: ALL OF YOU. ARE. SWEETHEARTS. Seriously, I never seen someone giving so much love to their muses and its so sweet orz.


Hey! Just thought I’d let everyone know (or remind those who do know) that for the next couple of days, I am going to be on vacation! I’m staying over at a friend’s house tonight, and then tomorrow we are leaving and I believe we’ll be gone for 3 days?

Anyways, I’ll be bringing my laptop with me, but seeing as we have a bunch of stuff planned I don’t think I’ll be on very often… 

So for the next few days, there’s going to be minimal activity coming from my plethora of rp blogs!

…So basically, every blog that reblogs this post. 

I’m not quite leaving yet, mostly waiting on some laundry to finish up, but that is a thing that is happening!

An Introduction of Sorts

Hello, Kuma here for those from the Skype group or the player behind Nagito Komaeda who is currently on hiatus (though I’ll be bringing him back early after my con ends). This is my second muse here. Most of his information is on his /about page and I’m lazy so I’ll keep this short.

If anyone wants to plot the ask *should* be open. I’ll make a couple of open starters eventually but come message me if you want a post tailored to you~ Just know that Fushimi is sort of a douche. (I might have said that a little too lightly /laughs)

Oh also this guy attends Maloise College and works at the Prava Central Library but he also helps out at Maloise’s library (I’m assuming each school has it’s own library but B Mod is free to correct me) too so those are the places you’re bound to run into him. Maybe a take out place too because he can’t cook to save his life. /shrug