Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes
By: Bernard C. Jones

As I open my eyes I realize that one thing, THAT ONE THING that plagues me

As I open my eyes I see the games that I have been forced play

As I open my eyes sin is not sin but the box you try and put me in

As I open my eyes I understand that righteousness is not attached to a building but the freeing of the mind

As I open my eyes I understand that your insecurities will not become my insecurities

As I open my eyes love is not a tangible statement but conscience awareness

As I open my eyes I understand that I must be vulnerable to true love

As I open my eyes I see an opportunity coming my way

As I open my eyes I no longer find excuses to survive but solutions to live

As I open my eyes, I see my fantasies becoming my realities

As I open my eyes I see the giant being defeated

As I open my eyes


My eyes wide open


The University of Wisconsin- La Crosse will be hosting OUTmedia’s Queer Campus CultureFEST on April 8th and 9th, 2011 in La Crosse, Wisconsin in recognition of Emily Wunderlich’s winning video from Campus Pride and OUTmedia’s ‘Be Queer, Buy Queer!’ international video contest and campaign.

OUTmedia’s Queer Campus CultureFEST will feature several of OUTmedia’s premier artists that have been featured nationally and internationally, promoting positive LGBTQ visibility and multiculturalism, including: Ben Lerman, Kit Yan, C.C. Carter and Julie Goldman!  Queer Campus CultureFEST will also feature workshops put on by the performers, students and student organizations:

  • Panels and workshops by campus multicultural student groups and various activist organizations
  • Slam poetry workshop with international slam poet, Kit Yan
  • Music-meets-humor workshop with NYC comedian, Ben Lerman
  • Gut-busting comedy and boundary-breaking workshop with Julie Goldman
  • Student collabortively run drag show

Follow the Queer Campus CultureFEST and check out the facebook event for updates!

Tumblr recently featured our blog news.OUTmedia.org, and 2700 more bloggers started following us. With that key growth, we’ve cooked up something new that we want to bloom into full community engagement. 

Today we are proud to present to you OUTmedia OUTloud (outmediaoutloud.tumblr.com), a fan-focused community blog to bring our fans and our artists closer together, and express what it means to be queer today!

OUTmedia Celebrates Black History Month, Join the Fight Against Black Oppression! 

Black History Month is a time to celebrate and acknowledge the triumphs and struggles of the collective past, remembering those individuals and moments that helped to build a resilient cultural testimony to freedom and justice while continuing to work toward achieving racial equality today.

OUTmedia has been proud to support Black people during this all important month and strives to give voice to Black culture, not just in February, but throughout the year.  OUTmedia continuously works to break though marginalization of cultures through its diverse talent “one act at a time,” promoting diversity awareness and honoring our multiple rich histories and identities. MORE on resources.