W O O Z I #1: Childhood Soulmates

Genre: Fluff, Comedy? (I hope it is ^^), School!au

Word Count: 2828 words

Category: Sweet Seventeen

A/N: sorry it took long! I kept changing my mind while proofreading this! I myself got butterflies when I wrote this whateven. Anywhooo happy reading! :)

Summary: He loved going to the mini-pavillion near the mountain, it outlooked the orange-tinted skies and the city. The sunset viewing- was one of his favourite things to do.

You knew Jihoon eversince you were a kid. Both of your parents would often have dinners for their ‘monthly meet-ups’ and have always brought you two along. You both were shy when you first met. That all changed though, especially with the constant family meetings. You would sing and he would play the guitar even though he had just started learning.

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