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Also, doesn't 8 have a justice fixation? How has that manifested in you?

I’ve talked about this before lol

Ask anyone that’s had to deal with me and my opinions on social issues (especially class).

I’ve literally lost friends because of it and I don’t really care lol. I have no time for middle class bullshittery nowadays.

I also have… weird FE moral outlooks? About the responsibility of mentally ill people and how they impact their friends and family. I’ve made my grandmother (yeah, the 8) cry because of how worked up I can get on this subject.

Yeah, most “justice related” outlooks are almost exclusively about other people and the effects people have on each other (almost like I’m an FE user). Another issue I get very worked up about are disadvantaged and abused children, as well as drug addiction. I’m unwilling to budge on a lot of things along these lines, due to my own upbringing.

For instance, I’m a firm believer in not having children if you can’t afford them or if you have any sort of major mental illness or PD, which has lead people to accuse me of sexism, internalized ableism and internalized classism. I don’t fucking give a shit though.


Hilariously it’s not because I even care about them. It’s more because every single family that can’t take care of their kids, every drug addicted parent, every abusive foster home is a personal insult. They put people in situations they have no way out of. They set children up for failure. I Barely made it out alive and every day a child cries alone, has to listen to people say they’re not worth it, has to shut up and take beatings, is gaslighted, is manipulated, is driven to suicide or homicide or crime because they’re helpless– I think that’s reprehensible and must be changed.

It’s why some of my research has focused on the foster system. It’s why I’m a sociology minor. I can talk about this from both an anecdotal and qualified academic perspective. There’s a chance I can do something, CHANGE something, someday, about a system that has to change before it keeps killing children and setting them up to fail and die– all while middle class children get cushy homes, extracurriculars, never having to worry if there’s enough food this week.

I’m a hardcore believer in meritocracy, but our society isn’t meritocratic– not even close. None of us start on remotely even ground. It’s not fair that I had to, and have to, work ten times as hard as middle class people to achieve the same thing. The most qualified people do NOT fill the roles they’re appropriate for. People with IQs over 130 are janitors and retail workers because they lack opportunities, and because the social situations forced on them completely prevent advancement. That makes ZERO SENSE TO ME.

I was lucky to be an 8 and an sp dom. I was lucky to be able to have the confidence and inner strength and drive to not learn helplessness or fall victim to my circumstances. I’m hard on others because I want them to learn the lessons I did, because I can see them letting themselves fail and fall through the cracks, and I hate it. They have the ability to surmount this circumstances yet refuse… but in the end, It’s not fair. Its not meritocratic. They don’t have a chance… and I barely had one myself.