Okay, the blow by blow buss once the last LAB 206 guy arrived and the clouds began to get really gray. Rain + strobes = bad business. Here’s the scout photo, the first image I always take with no strobe to get the feel of the space and layout of the environment.

Much of what I’d been looking for in the environment is already in the photo. The rocks to act as an arranging motif for the group, the spooky looking fir tree to act as a frame overhead and some of the group meandering through the space to give me a sense of scale and positioning for the camera. 

I’d have loved to not have the tree trunk dividing the frame in half like that, but those rocks weren’t going to be moveable by anything less than one of those yellow Caterpillar backhoes, so we live with what we’ve got.

I’m flipping through the take now and the brooding sky and overcast light give the final images a cool Sucker Punch kind of feel. Not the kind of photo that usually gets taken in the Hollows at the Savannah and something that does justice to the work that LAB 206 does. 

The final BTS on this will get posted soon in the regular place on my website and possibly one new, very Outlishious new place if the bosslady say so.

A big hoo-hah to Clair Hamel-Smith who babe slapped this whole gathering into place with deft jabs of her cellphone and insistent e-mails.


Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship: Outlish.com / Karel McIntosh