i have to give a speech tomorrow and i totally cornered myself into doing a super personal topic…….. from what i can see, i have three options:

  1. choose an entirely new topic
  2. bite the bullet and just give the damn speech i signed up for
  3. run away and start a new life 

i think #3 might be the best course of action at this point lmao

every couple of weeks i’ll get a kudos or favorite on my super old fanfiction and an incredible wave of guilt over leaving this dumb story unfinished washes over me. even worse is when someone comments on the last chapter (updated january 2016) with “hope you update soon”


Ok, if anyone wants to write that Post-Reichenbach DWB fic, you are more than free to. If not, I may or may not have started brainstorming some ideas and give writing it a shot for you 

All I ask is if you chose to write it, please tag me so I can read it, and include lots and lots of kissing and John and Sherlock kicking ass while being ridiculously in love.

Hi my name is tired and I have to finish two paintings by tomorrow and my partner is out having fun with my paints in her room can i melt into the void yet?

Cause like im not trying to stay up until 2 am painting again especially bc the one that i have started isn’t dry yet!!! #it’ll be A bitch to transport them tomorrow

Hand of the Universe. It belongs to a high level god of my story. Each finger represents a plane of existence. Human(normal), Outline(Demon Realm), Bone(Afterlife), and Ghost(Land of the Unrest). The missing finger shows a realm that is no longer connected. It is yet unclear what disconnected the finger or what realm it use to be. Only time will tell.

tenacityreturns  asked:


@tenacityreturns, @reflectingchaos (y’all basically both asked for the same thing so…HERE YOU GO).

the premise I’ve proceeded with is that Iroh was still captured in Ba Sing Se, but it was by Zuko, and it was specifically to allow Azula to escape along with Aang and the others. 

In this version Azula was right out banished and stripped of her titles after challenging one of the generals in the throne room about the unnecessary waste of their own troops. In this version Ursa didn’t disappear after the death of Azulon, but rather stayed at Ozai’s side until the Agni Kai, where she intervened and lost her life due to the severe burns she suffered.

This version of Zuko still loved his mother, and so part of his hatred for Azula is that he blames her for their mother’s death, as well as a feeling of competitiveness when their father’s attention is caught by the colour/power of Azula’s bending later on. so…there’s your context I guess. xD Enjoy!

A Stay of Execution

The crowd is large and easy to get lost in, just as she has predicted it will be. There are no surprises there.

Azula creeps along the outskirts, hidden in plain sight the best that she can be as so recognisable a public figure. She’s relying on her far less polished look these days to get her through without being noticed.

The gathered voices of the crowd are thunderous. The dais set in the middle of the square is accessible only at one point; a path carved out by the Imperial Firebenders standing guard on the way to the executioner’s block, keeping the majority of the crowd at bay.

It doesn’t stop them from throwing things when her uncle does appear. He is led ceremoniously down the pathway that has been made for him to his execution, half naked, his old back bowed under the heat of the Fire Nation sun. He is splattered with the rotten juices of old fruits and vegetables. Spit. Azula feels sick to her stomach and enraged all at once as she watches on and considers her plan.

It’s a bad plan.

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Final Two is Done

This leaves the 5-6 page paper due Friday and the take-home exam and presentation both due Monday.

I’m getting there.