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Appreciation post to all the men out there who..

•Have a warm heart and mind

•Is the bigger man in difficult and compromising situations.

• Is focused on progress and doesn’t use their environment as an excuse to fail, stands for something and creates a true purpose. They continually push themselves - even when the opportunities and possibilities seem non-existent.

•Has the strength and ability to protect themselves/ their families and keep them safe and happy.

•Understands their faults and takes time to grow and evolve into the man they want to become.

• Is assertive and responsible for his own actions and acts when necessary.

•Understands partnership and supports their significant other in the right way.

• Knows how to love and treat his woman.

• Are fulltime/devoted fathers, who make the necessary sacrifices for their children and to those who raise and love a child that is not their own.

• Takes pride in their mind. Self-Educates or continually seeks access to more knowledge. A man who is not afraid to enlighten himself and ask questions when he doesn’t know the answer.

• Knows what is truly important over time and acknowledges it early enough to never let it slip through his fingers.

• Puts his pride aside and does what is morally right. Steps up to his responsibilities. Has accountability, admits his wrongdoings and rectifies them accordingly.

• Admits when he is going through a tough time/ feels emotionally vulnerable, especially in this hyper masculine society that reminds you that “real men don’t cry”.. or who admits that he is scared, has fears but refuses to be ruled by them.

• Admits that he has a mental illness and takes the courage to speak to someone about it and recover. -

• Learns from his mistakes.

• Is transparent and honest. He knows being straight forward and upfront is the right thing to do.

• Is faithful and respectful when it comes to managing his relationships

• Is devoted to his religion or spirituality.

You guys don’t get enough praise or acknowledgement online. We love and appreciate yall. Feel free to add more points..

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You should make a sea angel mermaid! They're my favorite :)

Here ya go : D