The Level System

Unlike anywhere else in the world, public transportation in Levy is extensive, efficient and widely used. Subways, trams, trains and cable cars make up the famous level system or, if you’re a travel writer with a hackneyed sense of humour, the Leyval system. Unless you want to be on the receiving end of several sidelong glances, don’t refer to any level as a leyval while in the city.

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Les indispensables de Yannick Flageul

Yannick Flageul, créateur de la marque NSEW, ouvre son sac et présente ses “fétiches”…

1 - “En premier mes lunettes de soleil, blanches et estivales, le farniente.”

2 - “Mon IPAD et sa poche "Wembley” de chez NSEW avec ses 100000 romans de l'été ainsi que mes abonnements magazines et si je veux les mails du boulot.“

3- "Mon indispensable chapeau de l'été, cette année dans des tons sourds et pliable pour se glisser dans mon sac.”

4 - “Mes clarines pour tester le dernier des parfums NSEW "SOUTH”, autre environnement, autre impression, il font partie du voyage.“

5 - "L'été c'est la compil de Prince - KISS from holidays.”

6 - “Ma besace "TOKYO” de chez NSEW, efficace et transformable pour des vacances nomades.“


That fade episode with Cole and the Nightmare demon made me and Falka feel terribly protective. Falka is all like “go fight someone of your own caliber and get away from our innocent kid”.

She totally enjoyed beating the Nightmare up, which was quite easy. Outleveled a bit, but was still a decent fight :D 

Also a little bonus concerning the inquisitors manners:

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