this is something I keep coming back to but the sand castle ghost reminded me of it again

the thing you have to understand about the world of pokémon, and the thing that puts the trainer-team relationship in perspective, is that humans are fundamentally at the mercy of the wilderness.

look at the map in any pokémon game. there are large swaths of that map where, just, nobody goes. sometimes, very strong trainers can get access to a slice of that - viridian cave, or mt silver, for instance. but for the most part, humans are restricted to their cities and the Routes.

look at the extent to which pokémon outnumber humans. the extent to which pokémon in restricted areas outlevel humans. cerulean cave is about the same level range as the elite four, or gym leaders when they bring their A-team.

and if we didn’t have teams, even the pokémon on the Routes would be too much for us. what can a human do about being struck by lightning? what can a human do about a fire-breathing dragon, or mind control?

practically? we’re helpless in the face of that.

humans can only survive because the wilderness, generally speaking, doesn’t want to destroy us, and furthermore, is willing to strike a deal with us. because pokémon are willing to go onto the routes, go into the part of the world that they share with humans, to take us at our word when we use pokéballs to catch them. to live among humans and defend us, in exchange for the benefits and wonders of human technology, of civilization. 

and that’s a risk, right? there’s tension there. that’s what the whole Veilstone Myth versus Regional Myth tension. pokémon promised to appear to humans in the tall grass, to help them out. but pokémon also know that many humans are assholes, and have to defend themselves accordingly when thrown into a fight (contrast to the Safari Zone, where - since there’s no fight - we don’t pose any credible threat and an angry pokémon will just leave).

look at how unusual the Veilstone Myth is. look at how that’s the only time in the games, in the history of all the games, where you see a human use a human-made weapon. the taboo from that event, which broke the trust between the wilderness and mankind, is so great that it extends to this day, even to villainous Teams that otherwise flaunt the laws of mankind.

that’s why the trainer-team relationship, a successful trainer-team relationship, rests on trust and love. because that’s the only foundation on which the relationship between pokémon and humans can survive, and it’s the foundation on which it’s survived up to now.


I’m leveling a new guy while Steadfast Refuge’s MSQ threatens to outlevel him.

This guy is Lucas Deville, currently an Arcanist with the intention to be a Summoner/Scholar. Measured, austere, and cordial he is but the cards he holds are ever always close to his chest.

A student of the Aether with little background in wealth or nobility, he hones his knowledge for the sake of amassing a a considerable amount of gil. What purposes he does this for are unclear, but by his drive it seems to be apparent that it is but a step in some grand plan of his.