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Werewolf + Lycan Info: Laws

Laws in packs are often slightly strict but not harsh.
Elders and leaders must be respected, although cruel, foolish or weak leaders can be overthrown if challenged to a fight. Generally younger members are not punished as harshly.

Punishments like injury and death are very rare, and only used in some packs. Often, for serious breaches of pack law, the offender is thrown out of the pack, exiled or outlawed. Some packs have very unique, clever, not very harsh punishments to keep discipline in the pack. These are often very successful.
It is often the Rho or Alpha that decides laws and punishments.

Credit/Source: @themoonstonefieldbook   

pack #1 by outlaw-ic0ns

contém (contains):

  • **2005 things**
  • 37 collages
  • 199 backgrounds
  • 126 fotos/photos hq-mq
  • 281 fotos/photos random (para/for random headers)
  • 204 headers
  • 510 icons
  • 10 psds 
  • 204 random headers
  • 427 fotos raras / rare photos

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  • lista dos famosos que estão no pack:
  1. amanda seyfrield
  2. ana mulvou
  3. ariana grande
  4. ashley benson
  5. barbara palvin
  6. bella thorne
  7. britney spears
  8. cher lloyd
  9. demi lovato
  10. emma watson
  11. harry sytles
  12. jelena (justin+selena)
  13. jennifer lawrence
  14. john mayer
  15. josh hutcherson
  16. justin bieber
  17. justin timberlake
  18. katy perry
  19. kendall jenner
  20. kesha
  21. kristen stewart
  22. lady gaga
  23. lana del rey
  24. lindsay lohan
  25. logan lerman
  26. lucy hale
  27. marina and the diamonds
  28. miley cyrus
  29. nina dobrev
  30. one direction
  31. rosbten (robert+kristen)
  32. sasha pieterse
  33. selena gomez
  34. semi (selena+demi)
  35. shailene woodley
  36. taylor swift
  37. the vampire diares
  38. vanessa hudgens
  39. zayn malik
  40. zooey deschanel

Outlaw Queen Week Day 1: Outlaw Bandit AU

Robin Hood is at his wit’s end: he’s reached a plateau in his career as an outlaw and is considering packing it in and getting an honest job. But then one night a beautiful young woman stumbles into his favourite pub. He buys her a drink and she confesses her story: her name is Regina and she was to be married to the king, but she robbed him and fled before the ceremony. She has been on the run, making her living as a bandit ever since. Moved by her tale, Robin makes her an offer: he will help her fake her death to escape her enraged fiancé in exchange for one of the jewels she stole from the castle before making her getaway. The scheme succeeds (though Regina suffers some minor injuries) and the king dies shortly after. As soon as she recovers, Robin proposes to Regina using the jewel she paid him with. As you might imagine, they go on to become badass sexy outlaws together.