outlaw garage

I Gave You All

AU - SOA is not an outlaw club
The garage is run by Bobby. Juice, Opie, Happy, Tig and Chibs work there and the SOA is merely a bunch of guys who fix and ride bikes together.
Other SOA characters - Donna, Kenny and Ellie (Opie’s kids), Fiona, Kerrianne
OC - Kate
Juice x OC

It’s a bit fluffy, probably end up a bit smutty at some point.
I have no idea what it is like to live with OCD so if there is anything wrong with what is written, please (kindly) message me and let me know so it can be fixed :)


Chapter One

Kate had just gotten off the plane. It was the middle of the day and quite the change in weather. While Ireland was snowy and freezing, California was a cool 21 degrees, a light breeze and comfortable.
Kate pulled off her coat and shoved it in her carry on. Skipping the luggage carousel, she proceeded out of LAX and looked for a cab.
It was a little while before one became available to her, but she was happy to sit in the sun. It had been a long time since she had experienced a warmer than normal winter.
Her coming to Charming was by pure chance. After leaving the airport, she found a cheap motel to stay in overnight. Kate got up early the next morning and managed to find a car dealership that was looking for someone to buy a car at a reasonable price. Kate was a reasonable person and after a look over the car to make sure the basics were in tact (and saying a prayer that everything would hold up), she bought the car and filled the tank at the closest station.
Stocking up on snacks and drinks, Kate picked up a pair of sunglasses and a map at the register and paid for her purchases.
Slurping down a water, she poured over the map in the parking lot. There was the big city, but Kate was looking for something a little more quiet. Not as quiet as the place she has born and raised, but then again anything was better than there, she thought to herself.
“Charming” stood out to her, even though it was a small town. Even though she hated the small town she was from, in general she loved the nature of them. People knew each other and looked out for one another. There was a sense of community.
She slid out of the front seat and walked back in to the garage. She asked the clerk if he could give her some directions on how to get to the highway. Kate thanked him and headed out, ready to start her trip.


There was a huge community feel to Charming. There weren’t many corporate stores from what she could see, just a lot of locally owned businesses. Kate smiled as she pumped more gas in to her car. She’d used a fair bit getting to Charming and always like to have a full tank. It was one of the few decent things her father had taught her.
He’d said it because he’d learnt from experience that if someone was coming to collect a debt that you couldn’t pay, you’d have a tank of gas and a head start to get you out of harms way.
While that wasn’t really an experience Kate was hoping to have, she figured it was a good lesson so she didn’t get stuck on a highway or in an emergency.
The station clerk was friendly, asking her where she had come from and if she was looking for accommodation.
“There’s a neat little motel just down the road from here. It’s nothing flashy but there’s a clean bed and a hot shower.” She’d told Kate.
“Thanks, I’ll go check it out.” Kate smiled. “Do you know of any jobs going around here?”
“There’s a notice board over on the window there, people usually put their help wanted ads there.”
Kate thanked her again and went to have a look. There were a few positions; a hairdresser, a grocery store was looking for a shift worker.
The one that caught Kate’s eye was for a cleaning job at Bobby’s Garage.
“Part-time cleaner and bartender wanted for garage/biker club. Call Bobby to enquire.”
There was a number underneath and Kate went to grab her phone when she remembered she had ditched it before she left Ireland.
“Excuse me, sorry, Debbie?” Kate asked the clerk.
“You need somethin’ else, darlin’?”
“Could I use your phone? I’ve not got one yet as I’ve only just gotten here.”
Debbie pulled out her phone and handed it over to Kate. Kate was surprised that she wasn’t more hesistant, Debbie didn’t know Kate, she could have been trying to steal the phone.
“If you want to get yourself somethin’ temporary ‘til you settle in, there’s an electronics store just down the way, and you can grab one of these sim packs to get you going. Or you can head to the mall even further on down and get somethin’ a little more fancy.” Debbie pointed in the opposite direction of the motel.
Kate nodded and walked back to the board, keying in the number. It was a Sunday, but she figured if they didn’t answer she would come back with her own phone tomorrow to get the number and try again.
The phone rang a few times before a man with a low drawl answered the phone.
“This is Bobby.”
“Hi, Bobby? My name is Kate, I’m sorry if I’ve interrupted your Sunday. I’ve just seen your ad for a cleaner and bartender and wondered if it was still available?”
“Sure is, I’m at the garage right now, it’s across the road from the station if you wanna head over and I can interview you?”
Kate grinned widely. She was always lucky finding jobs.
“I’ll be right over.” Kate replied.
“Thanks so much for your help, Debbie. You’re a credit to the job.” Kate was still grinning and handed a twenty over to Debbie as well as her phone.
Debbie looked confused, but assumed it was her lucky day as Kate left.
“Have a great day!” she called after her.

Kate grabbed her bag from the car and walked from the station over to the garage. There was a chickenwire fence that was opened across the front of a huge yard. At the back of the yard, Kate could see that there was where the mechanics worked in a large shed. To her left was an even bigger building. Rounding the side, sitting on a picnic table was a rotund man in jeans and a shirt, with a leather kutte over the top. He had shoulder length, salt and pepper curly hair and a warm smile with crinkly eyes.
“You must be Kate.”
“And you must be Bobby.” Kate returned the smile and extended her hand.
Bobby shook it and invited her to sit down.
“Nice to meet you. So I suppose I should just jump right in. This is my garage, and I have five other guys who work for me. They’re also in a bike club with me, and this here is our clubhouse.” Bobby jerked a thumb to the building next to them.
“We’re looking for someone who is willing to clean - and keep clean - the clubhouse, maybe around the garage as well if needed, and to bartend at our events. Does that sound like something that you can do?”
“It’s perfect. My last few jobs were either bartending, cleaning or a combination of the two so I’m well experienced.”
“That’s great. Now, just so you know, we’re all above board, it’s not some outlaw club or anything, we’re just a bunch of guys who love riding bikes together. We’re a family.”
Kate nodded, thinking this sounded like a good opportunity.
“Now, I can tell you’re not from around this part. Where are you from?”
“Just got in from Ireland but I am from Australia.”
“Ok, are you planning on sticking around?”
Kate was a little taken back by that question. She had moved around a little and had some miles under her belt, but if she found somewhere she liked, she made it home until… Well, until it wasn’t home anymore.
“I sure hope so. And I’ve got all my work visas and whatnot, so we’re all good there.” Kate rummaged in her bag to find them.
Bobby had a look and gave them back.
“Alright, well I’d better show you what you’re in for before you say yes.”
He got up from the seat and Kate followed. Bobby took out his keys and turned one in the lock of the door. They walked through and Kate took in the clubhouse.
At first look the place looked relatively tidy, but as Kate glanced around, she could see cobwebs building in the corners or the roof, dust along the skirting boards, things that hadn’t been cleaned in some time. The bar was much the same. The kitchen and the bathroom were scummy and the toilet was less than sanitary.
The real treat was the bedroom that the last cleaner stayed in. It was in squalor. There were empty bottles laying around, garbage and old clothes.
“Our last cleaner was great until her standards started to drop. We had to let her go and she left us with this.” Bobby closed the door and walked Kate back out to the entertainment area.
“Our garage is pretty busy and most of the guys have family or other commitments on the weekend, so we don’t get a lot of time to clean up the place.
“I can only pay you to work four days a week - your pick with days you choose - unless there is a party or something on, then we’ll need you to bartend. We have birthdays on Saturday evenings, and they’re for club members and families.”
“Sounds perfect to me.” Kate replied.
“You’re going to take the job?” Bobby sounded almost shocked. “People either don’t want to work for bikers because they think we’re trouble or they think cleaning is beneath them.”
Kate smiled. There were few jobs that she wouldn’t do, and cleaning was definitely not one of them.
“Yeah, I’ll take the job!”
“Well that’s great! You can start tomorrow if you’d like. You got a place to stay?”
“I’m going to stay at the motel down the road. And tomorrow would be perfect.”
“Well part of the job deal is that you can live here, and we won’t pay quite as much to offset rent and utilities. Would you want to do that?”
Kate was so excited she could have hugged Bobby. She’d had a few jobs just like this, living above a bar for cheap rent, free food on top of her pay for working in pubs.
There was a niggling in the back of her head that reminded her that none of those situations had worked either. This time it will, she thought.
“Definitely. But, uh, once I’ve cleaned the place up, if that’s ok? It’ll only take next week.”
“Lets go discuss details in the office.” Bobby smiled and walked out of the clubhouse.
Kate followed with a spring in her step, hoping that this is the place she would finally settle.


A/N: that’s chapter one! I hope you guys enjoy it! Can’t wait for Kate to meet the rest of the guys! @lolsthecat