outlaw fugitives

Just Imagine This Conversation.....
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Man:</b> What is your full name?<p/><b>Cinder:</b> Do I have to say my nicknames too?<p/><b>Man:</b> Yes, please.<p/><b>Cinder:</b> *takes a deep breath* Cyborg Lunar Fugitive Outlaw Outcast Mechanic Princess Selene Channary Jannali Blackburn. But you can call me Cinder.<p/></p><p/></p>
The Gunsmith

My name is Desmond Slade.

My world was once of blood and gold.

A lifetime ago I was a bounty hunter,  

The collector of fugitives, outlaws and renegades,

A man who sought to bring justice to the damned and the condemned.

A dealer of death to those who believed they could escape such a fate.

And then my world was torn from me by the hands of greed and envy.

I found myself accused and sentenced to perdition.

To a damnation that I had brought upon countless other men and women.

Or so I thought.

Instead the judgement cast before me was not that of death, but that of servitude.


Bound by iron and shackled by dread.

My world was once of blood and gold.

And yet again, I found myself forced to spill one to earn the other.

A man that has been reduced to a single instinct.


Guys I know you’re in a hurry to start your outlaw fugitive lifestyle. An exciting adventure awaits and who knows where you will end up, but along the way perhaps you can fit a few things into the itinerary:

-Stop by the Piazzo del Campo in Siena. I hear the horse racing is nice
-Have a meal at L'Ambroisie in the Place des Vosges. Order a bottle of wine and then another.
-Enjoy a night of jazz at The Vanguard
-Stand on summits and smoke cubans (Lizzie remember when Red lit that cigar) and feel the sun on your faces for as long as you can.
-Walk on the wall, climb the tower, ride the river and stare at the frescoes.
-Sit in the garden and read a good book.
-And when you can….sleep. And may it be the sleep that only a child can know. (Lizzie, you’ll sleep better in a cool set of sheets so pick up a set as soon as humanly possible)

But instead of sailing across an ocean, because boats are for losers, try finding a quiet place next to a lovely stream where you can watch things float by. Because “someday” is today.