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Outlaw Star Artbook Scans - Aisha Concepts!

It seems that Aisha went through a few different forms before a final design was put together. It seems that since the manga had not reached a point where Aisha is seen without her cloak, the anime had to work out a final design. Early Aisha designs had a sort of magical girl feel, and Aisha carried a staff-like weapon.

Shoulder armor and hair rings were consistent themes in the designs. The staff was likely cut because of Aisha’s inclination towards pure physical strength.


Couple time at Granny’s; from 3x21/3x22 “Snow Drifts” “There’s No Place Like Home”.

Regina’s coat: Andrew Marc
Emma’s coat: Oceandrive
Belle’s coat: Red Valentino


There you go! Another huge comic for your amusement! Some of you, nitavonteese and i-was-always-the-queen in this case, asked me to include a certain character and because I’m such a good person, I acquiesced :3 And poor Appleby! She’s so cute!

Enjoy the banter!




Just a reminder that we still haven’t seen this. So I don’t know what the hell is going on here, and why we’re supposed to see young!Regina, but I’m really intrigued by EF!Robin and why we’re supposed to see him. Just seeing a glimpse of his (dark) past would be great. And NO, they were NOT dressed up like this for the pic in Smash The Mirror, Robin was just wearing his shirt on the pic, but here, he’s wearing his whole EF costume.