Outlast Secret Santa


Anyone wishing to join in needs to send an ask detailing the following:

-What you want for your own gift (Pairings, characters in certain scenarios, etc.)

-What you would like to try and do for your gift (Art, fanfiction, other…Please specify what ‘other’ would entail!)

-Whether or not you’d be willing to do anything NSFW

-What you’re not comfortable with doing (Pairings, characters in certain scenarios, etc.)

-Whether or not you’d be willing to take on a second gift. Hopefully nobody will need to double up, but it would help if I knew who could!

Please have your messages open so I can talk to you!

People can enter the event until November 30th, and we should try to get all the gifts posted by December 24th. The gifts should be tagged #outlastsecretsanta.

Thank you!

what i can’t stand about how this fandom does role reversal AU’s with eddie and waylon is how carelessly they’re written and executed, paying little to no mind as to what these characters are actually like, and what would make sense for them in these AU’s. they’re typically written with only one purpose in mind, which is to fulfill stereotypical, trope-ridden yaoi fantasies, which also means 11/10 times i stumble across these types of stories, they’re going to be boring, unoriginal, and fetishistic. 

anyways, welcome to my TEDtalk. today we’re going to be discussing why current role reversal AU’s are not that great.

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Unlikely Parallels → Sleeping Beauty // Outlast: Whistleblower

“I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream…”