outlast 2013

Meet the JSE community

1. Erin, 15, USA

2.Can’t draw so doing a picture instead

3. Writing has been a hobby of mine for a couple years because of my art teacher

4.My dream job was always to become a computer programmer or an author

5.I’m not a typical person to carry a bag but when I do it’s usually just my phone and a note book

6. To describe my personality I would say a book worm and kind

7.I found Jack’s channel back when he played Outlast 1 (September 5th, 2013)

8. My first would always be Anti, second is Schneeplestein and last has to be Jackiboy Man

9. My favorite series are Night in the Woods and The Last Guardian

10. I see myself as an active member of the community through Theories and Fan fiction!

@no-strings-puppet lol you knew half of this but decided to give the full thing!


Outlast Gameplay Walkthrough [Part 1] Mount Massive Asylum (by Dice17)