Outlander Season 2: Jamie & Claire ( Cena Deletada)

Part 2

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But let’s focus on the amazing scenes we are seeing!

It’s much better because if not we are going to have a headache hahaha Let’s focus on this lovely scenes and let’s imagine they are included on each episode and they are not deleted scenes ^^

2x04 La Dame Blanche Deleted Scene

2x07 Faith Extended Scene

2x01 Through a Grass, Darkly Deleted Scene

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2x06 Best Laid Schemes Extended Scene

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Outlander Season 2: Jamie & Claire ( cena deletada)

Source:outlanderuniverse -instagram

Intimacy: Everything is in the details.

Let’s be prepared for a big post… but who cares, we love them 😂!!!

Claire’s hand touching his chin, those lips sticked together, Jamie holding Claire’s nech all the time, their noses touching…

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For Jamie, everything that Claire says is important. He’s always listening to her. It’s as if time stops when she speaks.

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This is three days after they got married, and Jamie is not afraid of showing his feelings in front of his men. He holds Claire by her arms and kisses her no matter where they are. 

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Claire waiting for his kiss is one of the most beautiful scenes of S2. Even in the most difficult times they are sweet to each other.

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Sidhe,” Fraser said softly. Sheee, the word sounded like, to Grey; much like the sigh of the wind.

“It’s the same word, in the Gàidhlig and the Gaeilge. It means the creatures of the
other world. But sometimes when they come forth out o’ the stony duns where they
live—they dinna go back alone.”

…“Ye dinna want to look upon them,” he said. “If ye do, they can call ye to them. Cast
their glamour upon you. And then ye’re lost.”

“Do they kill people?”

Fraser shook his head.

“They take people,” he corrected. “Lure them. Take them back into the rocks, down
to their ain world. Sometimes”—he cleared his throat—“sometimes, the stolen ones
come back. But they come back two hundred years later. And all—all they knew and
loved—are dead.”

“How terrible,” John said quietly. He could hear Fraser’s breathing, heavy, like a
man struggling against tears, and wondered why this aspect of the tale should move him so.

– The Scottish Prisoner


What Lord John Grey does not know, of course, is that Jamie is speaking of Claire.

But is Claire a sidhe - a creature of the other world, who lives in a stony dun and casts spells on others (i.e., Jamie)? Or was she the one on whom a spell is cast by a sidhe - since she was taken through the rocks and held captive (in a way) for two hundred years?

Reminds me of this scene in The Fiery Cross:

“She is an Old One.” Fraser had been speaking in English, which was too bad. Had it been Gaelic, his meaning would have been clearer. Had he said “She is ban-sidhe,” Roger would have known whether Jamie truly thought his wife was one of the faery-folk, or only a thoroughly human wisewoman.

Surely he couldn’t … but he might.

S1 deleted scenes

I remember when seeing the deleted scenes of season 1, I was so happy. I love watching them. They are really beautiful but (apart from the one from episode 7 next to the fire) none of them were that needed. 

But, what it is happening with me it’s really different now. I’m seeing S2 deleted scenes and I’m getting angry, sad… i’m even frustrated. They do not only help us understand a chapter (Faith one) but also they show the intimacy we missed all the season. 

In contrast with Season 1, the deleted scenes I’m seeing are muuuuch more important than others included in the real episodes. What happened? Why? I hope they can change that in Season3 because I don’t want to feel that way and I don’t want to see my fav show fail because of wrong decisions. Nooo, I can’t!!!


Outlander Season 2 ( Cena Deletada) -Jamie & Claire


“It matters to me !”

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The strained lips quivered in what was almost a smile, and he raised his free hand and laid it against my wet cheek. “I know it does, mo duinne. And that’s why you’ll go now. So I’ll know there is someone still who minds for me.” He drew me close again, kissed me gently and whispered in Gaelic, “He will let you go because he thinks you are helpless. I know you are not.” Releasing me, he said in English, “I love you. Go now.”