Awkward Conversations - Teenage AU

Anonymous asked:  I love a cute teenage Claire and Jamie ! Number 15 or 16 please (:

15 - Hope we don’t get caught kiss; 16 - Naughty kiss

Here you go, @outlandishchridhe! Shout out to @diversemediums for helping beta this. I don’t have time to link this to the other story at the moment, but I’ll update it soon. Enjoy!

I wait for just the right moment. Her group of friends is coming down the hall and I see her, standing a little taller than the rest. As they pass by my hiding spot, I reach out and grab her. I clamp a hand over her mouth before she gets to screamin’.

“Jamie!” she whispers harshly, hitting me in the chest. “What the hell was that?”

“Weel… I couldna kiss ye wi’ all those other girls about, now could I?”

“Oh, is that why we’re hiding in a closet?”

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I found Jamie in his study, leaning back in his chair with his eyes closed, a drawing of some kind on the table before him. He wasn’t asleep, and opened his eyes when he heard my step.  

  “Happy New Year,” I said softly, and bent to kiss him.  

  “A guid New Year to you, a nighean donn.” He was warm and smelled faintly of beer and dried sweat.  

  “Still want to go outside?” I asked, with a glance at the window. The moon had set long since, and the stars burned faint and cold in the sky. The yard outside was bleak and black.  

  “No,” he said frankly, rubbing a hand over his face. “I want to go to bed.” He yawned and blinked, trying to smooth down the disheveled bits of hair sticking up on the top of his head. “I want you to come, too, though,” he added, generously.

– The Fiery Cross


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notevenjokingrightnow  asked:

Burning Questions!!! 1) In Vietnam AU, when the Frasers have kids will they know that Mama was married once before? How do Jamie and Claire handle that? 2) When those North Carolina hurricane rains hit, is Claire afraid? How does Jamie help her cope? 3) Would the Frasers encourage their children to go into the military? 4) What kind of pet do they get?

Thanks, friend! (and readers - please send in similar questions for any of my AUs!)

1. Yes, when they are old enough. They will be honest with their children - because they are honest with each other. And it will be hard to understand, but they will see how much Mama loves Da so it will make sense.

2. She is at the beginning - but then she gets used to them over time. The children are more afraid - Jamie helps them cope by inviting them to snuggle with him and Claire. Something they keep doing until the children are grown up.

3. Claire would be hesitant, but Jamie would be supportive. Frasers served in every war - the Revolution, the Civil War, the Word Wars, Korea, and of course Vietnam. Jamie was traumatized by his war experiences - but he never regrets serving. Never regrets sacrificing for his country. How could he - especially when that service brought him to Claire? When Murtagh’s service in Normandy brought him to Suzette? The only thing that both Jamie and Claire insist on is that the children attend college first - so that if they go into the military, they do so as officers.

4. The farm has sheep and cows and horses, and Jenny and Ian already had dogs and cats. So the wee Frasers adopt hedgehogs and rabbits instead!

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Name: Ruby
Age: 19
Country: Australia

Hello :) I’m a slightly impulsive, neurotic woman looking a friend. I practically have every social media platform but I’m also open to the good old-fashioned letter. I am a current university student, majoring in theatre studies and film and screen production. I am obsessed with the TV show Sherlock, as well as Hannibal, American Horror Story, Outlander, Penny Dreadful and about 20 other TV shows. I’m just looking for a friend, I’m a very bubbly person but I do have a hard time making friends inter-personally just because I’m very loud and outspoken. I don’t really have much else to say, I hope I’m interesting enough. Thank you :)

Preferences: 17-30

“It’s not that [Young Ian] canna look out for himself,” Jamie explained, amusement winning in the struggle of expressions on his face. “He’s a nice capable lad. It’s just––well, ye ken how things just happen around some folk, without them seeming to have anything much to do wi’ it?”

“Now that you mention it, yes,” I said wryly. “I’m one of them.”

He laughed out loud at that. “God, you’re right, Sassenach! Maybe that’s why I like Young Ian so well; he ‘minds me of you.”

“He reminded me a bit of you,” I said.

–– Voyager by Diana Gabaldon

anonymous asked:

Enough fans have cropped Tobias or other people out of pics and videos for gifs, or manipulated photos so that Sam is standing next to Caitriona cause they are interested in them and what they think they see between them. These fans are now complaining that you made gifs of Sam without her in it when you have a Sam blog? Sounds hypocritical to me. Don't let this get to you and carry on as great as you've done till now. Your blog is one of my favorites.

I don’t know who is talking badly about me, as I said several times I don’t read other blogs. Sometimes I get warned about something, but it’s all.

If a blog is dedicated to Sam and Caitriona it’s normal to cut Tobias, as it’s normal for me to make gifs just about Sam, since my blog is dedicated to him.

However, I’m not here to argue with Outlander’s fandom if they want to talk badly about me, they’re welcome, I don’t care.
I have clean conscience, I’m in good faith.
I’m here for Sam, I public articles about him, his tweets, or tweets about him or his character, photos, fan pics or selfies. I’m not here to discredit the other blogs, I’ve never made names. 

If Sam writes that he is in Scotland and then I read that it’s not true, if I can, I’ll intervene. It is a duty to my followers to whom I have always guaranteed clarity. I always publicize the stamps and the source links. These are not my opinions (if I want to give my opinion I add “probably”). The misinformation is not speculation, is to give information that is not true, and that’s not good.

This is the only thing that interests me, then if someone wants to believe in unicorns and Santa Claus is not my business.

ps. thanks for following my blog  :***

anonymous asked:

No worries, I am not offended that you didn't publish it. I just wanted to send you some support. As long as you got it, it doesn't need to be public.

Thank you so much. I appreciated your message, it always makes me happy when I see people who are not afraid to say their opinions. In this fandom, for fear of being attacked, bullied or blocked, almost nobody speaks. I don’t think I am the only one to be tired of all these misleading behaviors. And I’m not just talking about fans, but also about the cast.