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Songs of the Bard

In the latest episode of Outlander 1x03 some beautiful Gaelic songs could be heard.

I was so happy when I recognized the first one almost instantly. On rewatching the episode I also recognized the second song, which followed right after in the same scene. That only leaves the third one at the end a riddle…

1. Song:

Hi`uraibh `o, ghra`idh an tig thu? (Will you return, my love?)

I have a beautiful version sung by Martyn Bennett, which you can listen in to here:


Listen from 0:50 to hear the part sung in the episode.

2. Song:

Bheir Mí Ó

I know this song from the wonderful Celtic Tenors, but there are many versions out there. You can listen to it here:


a fair rose for my love: falling in love in a period drama [listen]

She moves like a deer through the woods, all slender wrists and sparlkling eyes. She doesn’t feel like she belongs - does she? do you? - but you’re never been more sure of anything in your life. You long for the wind in her hair and the flush on her cheeks, her temper and her kindness. Everything you own now smells like her - every rock of your land and every fiber in your soul. You love her, you love her so much it hurts.

afi4649 asked:

Do you know if there is a soundtrack or score for Outlander out? I tried iTunes & except for the title song there is no album. Thank you.

It’s not out yet. Hopefully they’ll release it, although we might not get it until the end of the first season. You might want to check Bear McCreary’s website to keep up with information about it. http://www.bearmccreary.com/ You can also follow him on twitter. I’d love to get some of the 40s music they put in too. I love the touch they have of weaving 40s music in the soundtrack because this is the music inside Claire’s head. Ron Moore had a cute story about a 40s song they used in the first episode called “Run Rabbit Run” that his daughter loved. He stuck that in there for her. 

Waulking the Wool

I’ve just rewatched the “waulking the tweed” scene from Outlander episode 1x05 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIKIQyCcqls), since it was shot in the Highland Folk Museum at Newtonmore, which I happened to visit last summer. Such a great place, especially the 1700s township, were the Outlander scenes were shot.

Anyway I wanted to share some other waulking songs I have come to love over the years:

Gaol Ise gaol (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14XyL_sK8-A). The song starts at around 0:30

And one from Magaret Stewart: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2v2BjNBH7w&index=4&list=RD14XyL_sK8-A

And of course my favourite by the lovely Karen Matheson Chuir m'Athair Mise Dha'n Taigh Charraideach (My father sent me to the house of sorrow): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dx7k29BvFOo

Skye Boat Song (or It‘s me, but in other’s words)

🎶 Sing me a song of a lass that is gone

Say, could that lass be I?

Merry of soul she sailed on a day

Over the sea to Skye

Billow and breeze, islands and seas

Mountains of rain and sun

All that was good, all that was fair

All that was me is gone🎶


“The Veil of Time” I love this. Gives all the feelings. (Outlander music soundtrack) By Bear McCreary


Natalie Imbruglia - Counting Down The Days (by natalieimbrugliaVEVO)

I love this song and how it fits in so well with the Outlander world.

anonymous asked:

not an interview, it's Jamie and Claire's theme scored by Outlander music composer Bear McCleary(sp?), so beautiful! you can hear it in the first episode around when Claire fixes Jamie's shoulder youtube(.)com/watch?v=6DnoyoL28ug&index=92&list=PL1D10A8855E41F071

Sorry guys, I got my hands on Dragonfly in Amber so I’ve been doing some reading, as ye ken ;))))) Annoying book, by the way. So much unnecessary trouble for Jamie and Claire, it’s almost exhausting to read, lol.

But yes, the music in Outlander is absolutely brilliant, Bear McCreary is a genius.

.@Outlander_Starz Theme Song Now Available on iTunes! #Outlander

.@Outlander_Starz Theme Song Now Available on iTunes! #Outlander

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Be honest–how many times have you watched the first episode of Outlander??? I’ve been watching on repeat since STARZ made the premiere episode available on their YouTube channel at midnight! (BTW: It’s also available via On Demand, STARZ.com/Outlander, and the STARZ Play app.)


One of the things I love the most about this series is the beautiful music, especially the song playing during the…

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“I can bear pain myself”, he said softly ”but I couldna bear yours. That would take more strength that I have”

Outland OST - Boss Track #1
Please to enjoy, choice selections from the soundtrack to 2011's "Outland," a delightful game developed by Housemarque and published by Ubisoft. The music of...

yuBoss Theme #1, OutLand, 2011, XBox Live Arcade, developed by Housemarque, published by Ubisoft, composed by Ari Pulkkinen

Side note: I’m going to go ahead and link Boss Theme #2 here as well - as you can hear, they’re both very similar, with just some variations in tone and progression.

OutLand was a small, but solidly crafted game that took advantage of two overriding themes very well.  The first is more of a visual theme, that being light and dark.  But we’re hear to talk about the second: an ancient, primal air that runs through the whole piece, reflected very well in its music.

With a fantastic lively percussion to keep the tension during boss fights, I think this track really shines when that woodwind sound drops at 1:07.  I’m not sure what instrument that is, but it matches that old tribal air the game has accompanying, almost like it’s telling us of battles long before.  There’s being a good battle track, and then fitting your setting like a glove.  This track nicely does both.

By the way, as a fun side note, Ari Pulkkinen might better be known as the guy who composed the Angry Birds music.  Talk about having a range!