outinsilence replied to your photo: So I spent two days on this stupid room. And it’s…

What’s the design plan?

Hm Well the painting is pretty much done. 

I bought these light grey-blue cordless cellular shades. They’re so cool. You just push them up or pull them down and they stay like that– no stupid cords to fuss over. 

I plan to go with a dark wood theme to go with the blue, so I bought an espresso wood platform bed. I’ll probably use white sheets and stuff. Also, I read that if you use fewer large pieces of furniture as opposed to a bunch of small pieces, the room looks bigger. So I’ll probably get one large dresser

I bought a small 32" flat screen that I’ll probably put on the wall and hook a computer up to. 

But other than that, that’s about it. I don’t want to put too much stuff in here since I only have one more year until I go off for college.