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I dated him for a year and a half in high school. I loved him, but he turned out to be abusive and I thought I had no way out. He sent me this message less than two weeks before my birthday, and I was devastated at the time. I sometimes think about our relationship, and sometimes I still feel as if everything that happened was my fault. But in spite of how hurt I may have been at the time, him dumping me was the best thing that could’ve happened, and I’m doing significantly better without him in my life.

everyone who gets called out for abuse ends up being the ugliest whitest looking garbage out there. every single one. its so wild i think

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So, I just got out of an abusive relationship. People kept telling me to break things up with him, but I didn't. I'm currently in the hospital because of that. And I just feel so stupid.

You’re not stupid & none of it is your fault. I know you keep telling yourself that it is & that you should have known better but don’t you for a second put the blame on yourself. Your ex never should have laid a finger on you. I hope that you’re okay & if you ever need to talk, I’m here.

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if people calling you out makes you so emotionally distressed stop hurting them in the first place!! and guys if you are worried about someones well being after they have been called out for abusive shit it is not your job to make them feel better you contact the appropriate authorities if you are truly worried and stay out of the situation. it is manipulative and abusive to do it. and they do it as a silencing tactic. so if you are genuinely worried take it seriously but remove yourself from the situation.

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what kind of relationship do oji and chae have as siblings? can you describe what kind of brother oji is?

CHAE was 12 when Oji took her out of their abusive home. she was pretty oblivious and indifferent about everything until then. so her opinion of her brother was structured from the moment oji got his eye shot out and grew up seeing him as an asshole w the biggest attitude issues. Oji deeply cares about Chae but has a very harsh exterior. she can easily see through it but she still doesn’t like get along w him that much. FUNNY ENOUGH she finds it very hard to understand certain things about people bc she just didn’t grow around many of them. so she thought Geo and Oji were “ really good friends” until she saw them making out and was like What

there are two settings. the first is success, a crushing perfection that simmers below the surface, a gritted-teeth force that breaks down more often than it runs. it is relying on panic to wake you up, it is nightmares about numbers, it is being unable to stop shaking when the test comes back, it is empty scores, no flaws found but still feels sore. it is the appearance of self-assurance, top-of-the-class, always-in-yoga. nobody gets into the room when you’re sobbing over your gpa. they only smell the candles and not the burning.

the second is failure. it comes in the wake of the smallest thing. a shrug and “you could have done better” rather than a smile. that’s it. and then it’s time to destroy everything. she frowned at me once, we aren’t really her friend and we must never speak to her again. he didn’t want to get dinner, not only is he not interested but he finds us repulsive. it is realizing you are sixteen minutes late and just skipping class rather than showing up late. it’s refusing to study because you understand nothing. it’s taking something down before someone can rip it down for you. it’s isolating yourself so nothing can hurt you and it’s hurting because you’re isolated. it’s missed calls, never-at-work, always-too-drunk. 

that’s it. all or nothing.

Shout out to the victims who live in small towns. People who have to see their abusers every day, people whose abusers come into their workplace, people who constantly feel trapped because their abuser lives so nearby. It is so hard to live in that cage of memories. But one day you’ll be able to leave that place, and you can leave their ass behind.

My mum messaged me making threats about how I’m apparently selling sex for money….. and threatening to call the police on me.

This is getting serious. If anyone had a place for me to stay just in case I get kicked out of my abusive family’s house for whatever reason, please message me and tell me. At the moment, my mental health is so bad that I can’t even find a proper job and I desperately need financial sustenance. Student finance barely lasts me that long. Please help me.

I just saw the video of Johnny Depp that Amber Heard filmed and I can’t believe people are still defending him.

I’ve been abused and been around a lot of abuse and that video was giving me anxiety because it reminded me of it.

“But he was hitting the cabinets not her”
First of all abuse is not only physical. You’re seriously underestimating how terrifying it is to be around a man who’s that angry. I’ve been so scared for my safety that I had to call a friend and stay with them when the anger wasn’t even directed at me.

Second of all we only saw the brief bit that she was able to film before he aggressively took it from her. I can almost guarantee that he started directing his verbal and physical abuse towards her after the video.

“She was baiting him!! All the things she was saying were provoking him!”
Anything she would have said would have provoked him. Not saying anything would have provoked him! All she did was ask if something happened and if he was drunk, she most likely was asking so she would know how to deal with him and try to calm him down.

“He was drunk!!”
That literally doesn’t excuse him at all??

Johnny Depp abused his wife and you all are excusing him because he was in some movies you like. You are being misogynistic and victim blaming. This is why victims of abuse are so scared to come forward.

Every mistake turned into a habit, so every apology meant nothing.
An open letter to the mother who kicked her young son out of his home for a mock school election

To the heartless birth giver who calls herself a mother,
You are undeniably an abusive parent. Your son is a child learning about the American voting system in school. It does not matter who he voted for: he’s learning.
This mock election his school had gave you the option to be not only a decent parent, but a decent human being, and turn it into a learning opportunity. A way to explain to him how to research, in modern day, the policies, beliefs and history of a candidate in order to determine their credibility as well as their qualification(s) for being the president of the United States.
This was your opportunity to teach your son about the president’s role in the republic of the United States of America. This was your chance to be a responsible parent, raising a (hopefully) responsible adult who would have the ability to make an informed decision in politics later in life.
Instead, you took this opportunity as a chance to terrorize your child; to make him feel afraid, and isolated, all for your political agenda. You did not parent him: you traumatized him. You showed him that he has to follow the status quo in order to be accepted and for his existence to be valid. You taught him that if he does not agree with you, you will take everything from him; his security, his comfort.
You are a tyrant, not a parent. You are a birth giver, not a mother. You are an abuser, rather than a protector.
Your children should be taken from you and raised in a home where they are not afraid to speak their mind and ask questions, or disagree with you.
Shame on you for being so heartless to your own child. You are not a mother, and to call yourself one is a disgrace to motherhood.
You are an intolerant, cruel, disgusting woman. Shame on you.