outgoing snailmail


This letter isn’t complete yet, but I’m digging how this handmade stationery turned out! The garden photos are from a vintage 1974 Better Homes and Gardens book.


It has been some time since I last updated. And that is why there are two pics, which are nearly 1 month apart. On the top pic mail to Marta in Poland and incoming from Smaragda in Greece and Solveig in Germany. The bottom picture shows one outgoing(I can’t remember for whom, sorry that picture is a month old) and incoming letters from Fariza(the flowery one) and Birgit(the envelope with the sheep)


Это слишком прекрасно, для того, чтобы не сфотографировать.
Даже если не на что фотографировать нормально.

It’s too beautiful to not photograph, even if I haven’t had how to photograph it well.