outgoing happy mail


Тематические открытки и конверт для большой любительницы поездов.

Outgoing happymail.
For those who would like to follow me on Instagram or just want to see my Instagram page, here’s the link: https://instagram.com/dongelead. This account is fully dedicated to my mail art and other papercrafts. Welcome, I hope you’ll enjoy it!


My new stamps came in the mail today, so I can finally send out my letter to Mary and some Postcrossing cards to Belarus, Portugal, Finland and the Netherlands. <3


I redid Léo’s parcel this weekend and added some things to it. I also changed the way that the envelopes of stuff were adhered onto the big booklet because I’ve recently learned that washi tape isn’t removable in Louisiana. If you stick it down and pick it right back up, then it will work fine. But may the washi gods have mercy on your tiny self if you let that tape sit for any real amount of time. I’m glad I removed it so that I was there to repair all of the damage it did when it tore paper, tags and other delicate bits. I’m also sending out a RAK for Helga.

I’m also making my dad a set of stationery—cards and matching envelopes—to take on vacation.