For anon!!

Okay, I did my best to choose some T-shirts and shorts for each boy in the shops you said. I also added a jacket and a pair of trousers with each boy (except Niall), for when it’s a bit colder this summer ;) I’ll give some tips too with each boy!



For Harry I’d choose colored shorts (happy colours like pink or orange…) and normal shirt or shirts with lace on it. Nothing too much, just simple but very clean :) As jacket I’d say a blazer or a parka and trousers are very skinny and more the dark colours (like dark bue or black).



For Louis it’s pretty easy: shirts with stripes! Colours who are important for Louis are navy blue and red. So, red and navy shorts. Also longer shorts are cool for Louis. Also jeans shirts are good. As jacket I’d say denim. That’s Always good!



For Liam it’s more a high school style. So, shirts with prints (for example numbers) are Always good. Also shirts with sleeves in a different colour (like he wears on the picture) are very ‘Liam’. Essential are checkered shirts, preferable with a simple white T-shirt underneath. Simple jeans shorts are perfect for Liam, but briht colored ones (I mean pink or beige) are okay. Also trousers in bright colours. As jacket I’d say some normal jackets, nothing special (the jacket on the picture is an oversized parka)…



For Zayn I’d go for dark colours and white. So, dark shirts or white shirts with a dark print. Of course colored shirts are okay, but keep it a bit darker… For shorts I’d say jeans shorts, but damaged shorts (you know, with cracks and bleached) or black shirts. Or black and white striped shorts. For trousers, you can Always wear jeggings, or black skinny jeanses of course. As jacket you can go for a leather jacket, a Varsity jacket or a sleeveless denim jacket.


For Niall it’s rather easy: sportive. A regular jeans short with a simple T-shirt are the best. Of course you can go for a more special short or a colored one. Just a regular T-shirt for Niall… Or a jeans shirt with a shirt under it, but that’s already less Niall. As a jacket, I’d go for a baseball jacket. Light colours for Niall, nothing too dark…

As you see, jeans shorts are good for every boy! Just like skinny jeanses. Also chinos are good (especially for Louis and Niall). Jeggins are good for Liam, Zayn and maybe also for Niall. Parkas as jacket also good for every boy. And with a regular, basic T-shirt, you’re Always good!


I hope I could help you a bit! The cloths on the pictures are only from the stores you told me (Bershka, PullandBears and Stradivarius). I hope my tips can help you to choose for yourself in other shops ;) If you have questions, just ask me!! (Oh, I added the link to the pictures, because they aren’t really big here, so…)


Xx Sien

Louis inspired outfits

Here they are! I made three outfits with striped shirts! I’ll give some info with each outfit:


I used here a normal skinny jeans with navy blue Vans. As shirt I used a blue striped shirt with a white jacket. You can also use a regular denim jacket on it. To complete the ‘sailor’ look, you can always add accessoires with anchors.


This is the outfit with the blue-red striped shirt :) I’m sorry it’s a shirt with long sleeves, but as you can see if you pull them up 'til elbow length, that can be pretty too ;) But I know which shirt you mean… Like this, right:

Well, like you can see you can combine it with a red short (maybe even a longer short) and a regular denim jacket. I’d say a dark denim jacket. Also the shoes I used are very good for a Louis look! Again, you can use anchor accessoires AND to make it complete, some suspenders can’t be missed (just let them hang) ;D!


Then, in the last outfit I used Toms (important for a Louis look). You can combine them with a boyfriend jeans. Again a striped shirt (this one is a very loose one) and a denim jacket in the same colour jeans as the boyfriend jeans. It’s a pretty style, I think. And, also here you can add some anchor accessoires ;)

Hope I helped you a bit!

Xx Sien

Outfit idea: Theme parc

So, I made this outfit. Here are some tips and/or suggestions:

-Like I did in the outfit, I’d wear a bikini top underneath your T-shirt or tanktop, since there’s going to be a lot of water attractions, I think this may be usefull ;)

-I’d take a spare shirt with me for when the first one gets soaking wet.

-I’d take a bra, obviously. When your bikini top and shirt are wet, you can change in your bra and spare shirt :)

-Don’t wear too much jewelry, it’s just not very useful when you go to a theme parc… Just some small braclets (or festival ones) and earings ON your ear (so no very long ones that reach your shoulder or something ;D).

-I never wear make-up, but if you do, remember you’re going to a theme parc so there won’t be a catwalk ;) There may be taken pics, so you can always use some mascara and lipgloss if you want ;) And nail polish, that’s always okay!! ;D

Like you see I used mainly basics. That means, jeans short, normal top, some sneakers, a backpack… Those are I think the most comfortable if you go to a theme parc. If you wear a jeans short, I’d also say bring another one too, because once it gets wet, it takes a long time to dry again ;)

Okay, I look like your mother, I’m sorry for that ;) But I think you can say I have a lot of experience since I go often to amusement parcs and I went to one yesterday and I got soaking wet without any spare clothes, so I just thought I’d warn you ;D

Hope it helped!!

Xx Sien