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his fashion sense is a little flawed//

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Omg the Kira boys + their costumes

Minami pulling off his own version of (what I believe) Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter. Chaiki, a pirate, and Shizuka borrowing last event’s props as a vampire. Wow, Rei is a cop?? And Mei is perhaps a demon, judging by the horns and Toma with the werewolf ears (and that tie lol funny)

Friends are cool but friends all in black are cooler


« When the doors opened, I found my seat and waited for the event to begin. As others were getting seated, I casually looked next to me and saw a familiar twisted mustache. I looked more intently and asked the gentleman, “are you Joaquin”?  He smiled and I laughed, telling him how I’ve tweeted him a few times and appreciate his communications to the Glee fans. We spoke a little about Dianna and how he met her on Veronica Mars. He mentioned that Mark told him recently during the #100 filming how happy he was to be “home”. I did a little detective snooping and asked if Dianna and Mark’s duet turned out well.  Of course it did but I was surprised that Joaquin did not know that they have never had a duet. He had never seen any season 1 episodes except the pilot so I recommended that he check out the Quick baking scene as that always brings a smile to my face when watching it. I gave him my theory on the Toxic song with the Unholy Trinity and he said I was somewhat close. 
Then the event began and Dianna came on stage. I was mesmerized from that moment on. She was so poised and classy,  with a dazzling smile, and dressed in a fabulous outfit–skinny jeans, beautiful flowing top, and boots I would want to steal!
Then it was time for the meet and greet.  Those dang butterflies came back even worse! Nadia first met with Dianna who instantly recognized her.  I could see Dianna was very warm and friendly as she spoke with Nadia and then with the countless fans who surrounded her that night.  Eventually, she turned my way. The first thing I noticed was Dianna’s eyes looking directly into mine and how she immediately was focused. She was interested in what I said–even though I’m sure I was a blubbering fool. However, one thing Dianna and I share in common is a love of French dogs–Dianna the French Bulldog and mine the French Poodle.  So I brought my favorite cheerleader poodle to get autographed–doesn’t she look like a certain HBIC?  In return, I wanted to get Dianna a small gift as a little remembrance and ended up finding a little figurine that looked so much like puppy Freddie along with a magnet of his personalized rules.  The smile on Dianna’s face when she saw the gift, saying “That’s amazing, it looks like little Freddie” and thanked me for being “so sweet”–yes, my heart just melted and I knew that decision to come meet this young lady was worth it.  I don’t know if I will ever get that chance again but I would love to just sit and talk with her. Who knows if that will ever happen but I will cherish the memories of that day! »
- Cindy @MOpoodlelady