This is my entry for the BFF Outfit Contest. The reason I photographed myself, is because I was actually introduced to the comic through a friend who said that I am basically Teddy, physically and personality wise. So because of that, I decided to use outfits that I usually wear as options for Teddy to wear. :) I hope that is okay!

Thanks so much to Mickey for creating this awesome comic!



(Read everything before entering)

Official 2,000 Follower Contest

  • Theme
  • Outfit contest
  • Anything Goes,Any kind of outfit entry this is tumblr after all xD
  • Prize 25,000 imvu credits one winner,maybe a couple wishlist prizes aswell for decent entrys
  • Judges
  • Elite/And two secret judges
  • End date January 1st 2015
  1. Rules
  2. tag will be elite2015
  3. make sure you put that tag in your tags or I won’t see your entry
  4. make sure you put your imvu username in your entry so I know where to send the credits if you win
  5. please try to be original and take effort into your entry
  6. Have fun and enjoy yourself
  7. one entry per person please only one outfit
  8. the one outfit can be multiple pictures of that one outfit in the same post

read all the rules,Thank you

This should go well,I hope you all have fun with it,its my first major tumblr contest wanted to do somthing for everyone,have a great time guys and girls,Happy holidays