This is my entry for the BFF Outfit Contest. The reason I photographed myself, is because I was actually introduced to the comic through a friend who said that I am basically Teddy, physically and personality wise. So because of that, I decided to use outfits that I usually wear as options for Teddy to wear. :) I hope that is okay!

Thanks so much to Mickey for creating this awesome comic!

Possible “Outfit Contest”

I deleted most of my outfits recently. A little sad, I had some old DOC entries, but I do not feel too much of a loss. It is nice to start over fresh.

Anyways, that being said I was thinking of hosting a contest (with prizes of credits, maybe art too.) For outfits made primarily out of items from my shop.

I do not want people to have to buy items from my shop that they do not own or submit outfit bundles that costs them credits for this. I am probably going to think of a form to fill out with the items listed.

I would prefer if scaler items were excluded, since I have my own scalers that I like to use for my own preferred proportions.

I would like primarily male outfits, but a few female ones would be nice too. (I do not have many female items in my store nor do I wear female items much anyways, but I would like to have a few nice ones.)