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Its date night for Victuuri, and Yuuri asked Victor to help with what he should wear. Victor was SUPER HAPPY!! He kept trying on clothes for hours and each time Victor says "hmm, it doesn't seem right try another outfit *snaps photo*" to get to see Yuuri in lots of cute outfits lmao



  • Yuri who doesn’t understand why people are always asking if he’s a boy or girl
  • Yuri who sees masculine and feminine traits in himself
  • Yuri who doesn’t really give a shit about what people think when he come out
  • Yuri who loves dancing pointe and moving softly 
  • Yuri who loves going crazy and doing things like WTTM 
  • Yuri who likes to wear dresses
  • Yuri who loves to wear suits
  • Yuri who loves to be as androgynous as possible just to confuse the shit out of everyone else
  • Yuri who will put on a FULL face of make up and the wear the most dude-bro outfit he has (snap back included)
  • Yuri who loves being exactly the way he is
  • Yuri who just wants to be Yuri
[160829 ISAC] Jikook Masterpost

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( /임별 소애플)- HD

 ( poco a poco. a Jimin)-HD

  ( The Chemistry )-HD         

(Hyde Roy)-HD


♛ “Jikook sitting beside each other” ♛

♛ “Jikook being playful” ♛

♛ Squishy fluffy Jikook ♛

(look at how their arrows crossed lol)

You have to let go - move on!

Summary: Takes place after ‘MOVING ON, Part ½: Exploring Nostalgia’. After Logic is gone, Nostalgia seems to overtake the personalities of Thomas. But as we learned, Nostalgia is a good thing - right? Or was Logan right all along?


“Of course I remember the 5th season of ‘Lost’!” Thomas smiled and Patton took out some old magazines of musical-shows. “Or the Broadway-shows you saw? Or you played? Wasn’t that wonderful? Wasn’t it a blast?” Patton almost screeched and Thomas nodded. “Yes! Or give it come on!” He begged and took the magazines, after Patton threw them to him. “Oh and look at that!” Roman sighed happy and showed an old walkman. “Cassettes! You recored your first songs on cassettes! How beautiful!” He sang and looked to the stairs of the room. 
“Come on you sassy-downplayer, this is also something for you, you can’t deny it!” Romans smile disappeared as he saw how Virgil was clenching his hand around his chest and tried to catch his breath. Also Patton and Thomas looked worried at the characterization of Thomas’ anxiety, who was visibly not feeling well. 
“Virgil…are you alright?” Patton asked slowly and his fatherly voice almost shook a little bit. To everyone’s surprise, Virgil even tried to smile a little bit as he looked up. But due to his now even darker eyeshadows and paler skin, it looked down right scary. 
“I’m fine…” Virgil whispered almost not audible and Thomas cleared his throat. “Virgil…are you sure you’re….”

Ï̶̟̺͍̪̻̜̳̌̋́̅̃ ̵̮̂ͅŞ̵̮̟̠͍̠̦̓͒͐̈͠Ả̸̝͔͓͙̦I̷͖̥̟͌̾̀̈͛͜Ḓ̵̛̟͕͋̽̏ͅ ̷̻̪̹̎I̶͙̋̃͠'̶̹͓̈͌Ṃ̴̲̪͖͚̠͚͑̂̈̚͝ ̷̘̠͇̭̌́̏͗͑F̶̮̓͋̋̏͘Ǐ̴͇̯̫̤̯́͜N̶͔̩̰͎̱̿͋̓̕͘E̷̢̪̳̎͛̚͠!̸̢̲̳̲̳͚̹̿͗̍̄̾ ̴͖͇̽́̀̂̿̋͝

Virgil immediately putted his hand over his mouth after everyone flinched because of his horrific voice. The eyes of the anxiety were wide opened and looked at everyone filled with panic. The hands were horribly shaking and Virgil’s breathing was stocking and not in a calm rhythm. 
“That’s not good…” Roman gasped and Thomas nodded. “I guess it’s better that we’re going back…maybe…Logan was right and…”
“No…no Thomas. Think about the beautiful things we’re having here!” Patton begged and pointed around the room. “Look at all these memories! Look at what we have! He’s here Thomas! Here we’re having him! And he’s not leaving!” Roman, Thomas and Virgil looked with a raised eyebrow to Patton and Roman was the first who found his voice again. “Oh-oh….I have to admit Virgil but know i see what you meant…Thomas, get us out of here! This isn’t good. Definitely not good!” Roman turned his head towards Virgil and was shocked as he saw that Virgil was supporting himself on the banisters. The face grimaced in pane and the shaking was even worse than before. 
“Virgil…everything okay?” This time, after Romans question, Virgil honestly shook his head and even let out a little whimper. Now Roman finally realized, how overwhelmed Virgil was. 

“Thomas, get us out of here! Now! Logan was right all along! I can’t believe I’m saying this, consider I was the first with the crazy clenching ideas, but you have to let go! WE have to let go!” Roman pleaded and for the first time, the charming prince sounded more like a reasonable king then a dreaming royal. 
“No Roman! You said it yourself! We can win him over! He will back! We’ll be together again!” Patton said more towards Thomas and Thomas was visibly more drawn towards his heart, than his creativity or anxiety. “But Thomas, clenching to the past doesn’t bring you further, doesn’t help you continue…GOD I’M NOT GOOD AT THIS! LOGAN!” Roman screamed and to his surprise, Logic did appeared. His first look was towards Virgil who looked at him with his pain written face. 

“That’s ten minutes! Ten minutes were I was gone!” He moaned and Roman pointed at Thomas and Patton who were obviously not in this world anymore. “Okay, we get it! El principe es estupido! Okay? Now can we take care of the real problem?” Roman begged to Logan and Logic sighed. “Fine, maybe this will help…” Logan gave in and clapped in his hands, so Thomas and Patton were looking at him. 
“Oh what?! Now you’re saying again that I’m not able to let go?” Patton said highly insulted and Logan took a deep breath. But he said nothing, but simply pointed to Virgil, who now had visibly difficulties to keep standing. His pale, pain written face was looking at everyone. 
“Dear god!” Thomas gasped and Patton laid his hands over his mouth. “If you stay even longer here Thomas and try to clench at the “good times”…” Logan began and even did the quotation marks visibly “…you get closer and closer to a nervous breakdown. Virgil is already suffering and it doesn’t get better if we’re staying here!” 
“But…but….but…” Patton sobbed and clenched a pink sketchbook in his arms. Pressing it towards his chest and so his heart. “I can’t….it hurts…I don’t want to be hurt…” 
“Patton…” Thomas sighed and even Logan was lost for words. Roman was the one who opened his mouth to say something, but Virgil was faster. 

“̴I̴ ̶k̵n̶o̴w̵ ̸i̸t̷ ̵h̷u̶r̸t̴s̴.̵.̵.̴b̴u̶t̶ ̴s̸o̴m̶e̴t̷i̸m̴e̷s̵ ̷g̸o̵o̴d̵ ̵m̵e̸m̷o̴r̷i̴e̵s̶ ̴h̵a̶v̴e̷ ̴t̵o̸ ̵h̸u̶r̵t̷,̴ ̸o̴t̵h̴e̷r̵w̶i̵s̶e̷ ̸w̶e̸ ̶d̷o̸n̵'̸t̸ ̵l̴e̶a̵r̷n̶ ̴f̶r̴o̵m̸ ̸t̸h̷e̸m̸ ̴a̴n̴d̴ ̷c̷a̷n̶'̵t̶ ̴l̴e̸a̸r̴n̸ ̷t̸o̵ ̷m̶o̶v̶e̵ ̷o̸n̸.̶ ̵W̸e̷ ̸w̷i̴l̴l̶ ̸a̵l̵l̷ ̴b̶e̴ ̷h̸e̶r̶e̵ ̶f̶o̷r̵ ̸y̷o̵u̶ ̸P̷a̸t̸t̴o̸n̶.̶.̶.̴b̵u̵t̶ ̴p̸l̸e̶a̶s̸e̶.̶.̵.̶y̷o̶u̵ ̷h̷a̵v̸e̴ ̶t̵o̸.̸.̷.̷U̴N̴G̵H̵.̷.̵.̷!̸"̵

Virgil clenched even harder to his chest and fell on his knees. Logan stretched his arms towards anxiety and looked panicked to Thomas. “Virgil’s right!” Thomas said, now back to be in his grounded state “Patton. It hurts. I know. I miss him so much. But it’s over and we have to move on. And we have our friends who support us. Help us being creative during the hart phases!” Roman gave Thomas the thumbs up to show his approval. “Help us learning how do deal with this situations and even learn something new!” Logan fixed his tie and smiled. “To get smarter than everyone” He added to his gesture and Thomas looked Patton deeply in the eyes. “And our anxiety helps us to get rid of these hard emotions and concerning the factors for a future relationship…but we have to move on…and we can only to this by letting it go and so also let our feelings go…” 
Patton closed his eyes and tears were running down his cheeks. But still he nodded. “I don’t want my dark baby to be hurt…for no man on this universe…” He whispered and look worried towards Virgil. “Get us out of here Thomas…think about the future…” Patton said and Thomas thought about his projects and plans about the future, beaming everyone out of Pattons room. 

“Back to normal!” Logan sighed in relief.
“Darn I forgot my old outfit!” Roman grunted and snapped his fingers, while Virgil finally caught his breath again and let the fresh air going through his lungs. “Oh thank god…” He gasped and laid his hands on his throat “normal voice again!” He, Thomas and the others looked at Patton who was standing in his corner. Still clenching the book in his arms and silently crying. 
“Patton…you saved me…” Virgil said in a whispering tone and the heart looked up and saw the warm smile of the anxiety. “Thank you…” 
“That was a big thing you did for our prince of darkness” Roman agreed and crossed his arms “Truly the act of an hero.” 
“Very brave indeed” Logan also confirmed and Thomas looked worried at his heart. “Dad…” He says warmly and Patton looked at him “if someone can help me get through this and help me to let go…it’s you.” Patton smiled sadly and wiped a tear out of his eye corner. “You never called me dad before…” He sobbed and looked at Virgil “No…one should ever make you feel even worse than you feel now. No man in the world…” Virgil returned the warm smile to Patton. “I think…I’ll manage to stay for a little bit longer in your room. Do you have a dark cat onesie?” 
After Virgil’s question, Pattons signature grin came up. “DO I?!”

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Voltron Music Festival Headcanons
  • Pidge is the planner of the group. She makes exact calculations as to when they should leave so they arrive at the perfect time, so the perfect spot to set up their tents is still free. She also makes a ton of lists so they won’t forget anything.
  •  Hunk and Pidge are having a lot of fun setting up the gazebo tent as well as Hunk’s/Lance’s and Allura’s/Pidge’s tent perfectly and storm-proof; they’re done in no time, while Keith and Shiro are still struggling a bit with their’s.
  •  Coran’s brought one of those pop-up tents and yet he somehow manages to struggle with it. He also makes flower crowns for everyone since he read in one of those earth magazines that they’re an absolute must-have for every festival-goer. He demands they all wear them. Yes Keith, even you, you can protest all you want.
  • Keith is there for the music and the music only. He has a list of bands he wants to see and gets annoyed if two bands he really wanted to see are playing at the same time. Shiro can practically feel the stress crease appear on his boyfriend’s forehead when he has to make that hard decision. Keith isn’t a people’s person and being around so many people stresses him out but the concerts make it all worthwhile. He hates it when random (obnoxiously drunk) people come up to them, thank god he has perfected the Don’t-Talk-To-Me-Face, so people tend to leave him alone.

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