outfit swap



“Lyndis, you look so cute I wanna pinch your cheek!”
“Lady Camilla… How do you even fight in this!?”


“Thanks for combing my hair, Camilla! Now I’ll tie yours up like mine~”
“You’re as sweet as pie, Lyndis darling.”

Someone gave me the genius idea of their outfit swap and I just had to♥
They’re both very lovely ladies and I adore them.


I finally completed my own Disney series: Disney Princess Outfit Swap!

First is Moana and Elsa, second is Anna and Elena, third is Belle and Rapunzel, fourth is Tiana and Merida, fifth is Pocahontas and Cinderella, sixth is Snow White and Mulan, seventh is Jasmine and Ariel, and finally Aurora and Emperor Kuzco!!!!

Please reblog and maybe leave a comment of which one y’all like the most!!!!

so apparently i’m only motivated to draw these guys in each other’s outfit now so have another outlaws drawing (i’m so sorry for this lineart omg (and that backround, just… no (it’s three AM ok i’m not in condition to create a masterpiece (also, every time i post something i think “this is it, this is where they realize i suck”)))