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what's exactly is a replica? is it when one brand tries to mimic another's pieces? i'm fairly new at all of this, so i'm doing as much research as i can before i start to buy my own outfits and stuff.

A replica is when someone makes an exact copy of a brand’s pieces. Usually it’s not done by a reputable brand but rather by independent makers and general bootleggers. To give an example, this is Angelic Pretty’s Sugary Carnival which was extremely popular for a few years:

And here is a replica made by a TaoBao shop called Dream of Lolita which makes replicas almost exclusively:

Here’s a piece that you can read about them for more information.

FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK JUST FOUND OUT I CAN BUY THIS!  Initial excitement expressed, to sum up, you can buy full tron legacy outfits that are actual motorcyle regulation road gear that you can wear, they dont light up but they have reflectors.  you can get either the Sam outfit with the long bars or the Rinzler/Tron outfit in either red or white.  Seriously I need 1,000 and to ride a motorcycle this is far too awesome to not own.

RP Starter - Octo Valley (OC’s: Charlotte and Vivi)

A yellow colored teenaged inkling was chasing around a small octoling child with sky blue tentacles around the enterance/exit of Octo Valley. Captain Cuttlefish had a small smile, feeling the future of Inkopolis could be like this one day, but it would take time. When the inkling finally caught the octoling, both were laughing softly, the little girl smiling and hugging onto her. 

“Are you sure it’ll be fine if we visit Octo Valley Mister Captain?” The little octoling asked as she was put down, the taller inkling heading inside the shack to change into the borrowed hero outfit replica, coming out a few minutes later. The old captain nodded at this. “You’re just here to pick up a few things from her old ‘home’? Yes, Yellow?” He said, looking back to the teenager coming out and nodding, holding a hero shot and putting it into a pack as she held her hand out for the girl to hold. “Yes Captain Cuttlefish. And I’ve told you, my name’s Vivi and this is Charlotte.” She said with a gentle smile as the octoling took a hold of Vivi’s hand and smiled at her. 

“We’ll be back soon” She assured as she headed out, holding Charlotte’s hand, squidding down into the kettles to find where Charlotte had lived and to see if she had anything she’d want to take with her back to Inkopolis.

((This is an open rp to Octolings and Inkling Agents, feel free to reply to this.))