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You know what one of my favourite things about skam is? (This is really silly, i apologize in advance) but the fact that you can see that the characters repeat their outfits. Like, they have their own wardrobes instead of having the directors pick out new outfits from a limitless cosume-stock for every scene you know?? It makes it so much more realistic, and I really like it…


Cardcaptor Sakura Release Set #1 (E09 - E22)

Synced! Open post separately to see them play at the same time.

Specific episode noted on each gif

Why don’t you love me?

Tell me, baby why don’t you love me? ♫

modern dregs: jesper

  • social media king, especially with all of those artistic shots wylan takes of him
  • he and nina are always in silent competition of who is dressed better because jesper is always serving looks. never an outfit repeater. loves his lime greens and patterns
  • gets behind every trend, no one can tell him flower crowns are over. he especially loves chokers 
  • sometimes “borrows” from all of the others’ closets, except matthias’s (because his style sucks) and kaz’s (because he’d kill him)
  • takes all of inej’s shirts because they’re so small they end up crop tops on him and he doesn’t have to buy his own. but his favorite wardrobe to raid is nina’s—this sparks many arguments
    • “come on, you’re not mad i took it, you’re mad i look better in it.” 
  • #letboysbefeminine #letboysweardresses
  • and if you don’t think his mother, master of all things, taught him how to sew up his own clothes you’re mistaken
  • (aspiring fashion designer jesper??)
  • works so many jobs: waiter, dog walker, babysitter. needs to repay all of his debts somehow!
  • he’s an enthusiastic runner, tries to quite literally burn out his energy
  • sleeps in too late, always late for school, has to use his charm to get out of detention regularly
  • finger guns galore, pun for every scenario, especially with food
  • also fills up the group chat with ridiculous puns but mostly flirty messages for wylan
  • “jesper, we will start a group chat without you!” -matthias
  • jesper responds with the gun emoji

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You're right behind me as before

Going off from this awesome meta by @isaksbestpillow that Even wore the exact same outfit from the first time they hung out in ep 2 when they reunited in ep 7, redoing that first Friday with one thing changed drastically for a different result (the sudden introduction of Sonja clipping what was starting and ending their night vs Even showing up in response to Isak’s ultimatum about Sonja and the night being their new start): 

I just wanted to point out that this is the same scene where Isak is very notably repeating an outfit too:

He’s wearing the same flannel as when he was sitting around with the boys two weeks ago, completely down because Even had texted him that they’d moved too fast and he needed time. That day, he couldn’t say anything to his friends about why he felt like crap, he couldn’t explain what had happened with Emma so wound up being cajoled into going to the party. Which was where he was completely devastated, the rift with Even suddenly widened, and he got into a fight with his friends. 

So, this day is a revenge for Isak too but what he’s cast off is the distance from his friends: once again, they’re sitting around talking shit but he isn’t paying attention. They see he’s down, Jonas asks what’s up and he gets to be completely honest that it’s because Even didn’t text him back but left him this drawing and he still doesn’t know what’s been going on between them since he has a girlfriend. And this time, they’re there to help him with his problems and like magic, Even appears on his doorstep a minute and a half later.

To add an extra touch to the idea that this night is a chance coming back around for them, a chance for them to redo things and get them right this time, there’s something quite cyclical about the lyrics in the background:

Watch my back so I make sure
You’re right behind me as before
Yesterday, the night before, tomorrow

Dry my eyes so you won’t know
Dry my eyes so I won’t show
I know you’re right behind me

And don’t you let me go, let me go, tonight
Don’t you let me go, let me go, tonight
Don’t you let me go, let me go, tonight

Even’s id

I reblogged a gif set that made me think about the possible symbolism of Even’s id and it being referred to twice, and I’m currently under the influence while writing this post so this’ll be very extra but bear with me. Let my overanalysis occupy your mind for two seconds so you’ll forget we still haven’t gotten a new trailer.

In episode 2 Isak bumps into Even on the tram and asks him to buy beer for him, and Even pretends he doesn’t have his id with him to get Isak to follow him home. This is a rather transparent excuse considering most Norwegians have their id printed on their bank card, and casually misplacing your bank card doesn’t sound plausible to me. 

I’ve already talked about the symbolism of Even repeating his outfit from this clip in the reunion clip, and how that information and the knowledge that Even had eyes for Isak way before Isak took notice of him imply that the random encounter on the tram and what followed was so much more meaningful to Even than could be interpreted at the time the clip came out. The day that Even pretends to have forgotten his id is the day that he falls for Isak so utterly and completely that he forgets everything else, he forgets himself, his reality, the fact that his girlfriend is about to come over and all of this will be over. It’s an afternoon of pure fantasy. It’s an afternoon where the reality of the Even Bech Næsheim printed on his id is not fully present. At this point everything that Isak offers is a fantasy, something that can only come true in a parallel universe, or to be more precise, not even in a parallel universe because that concept wasn’t brought up until later on. Even never alludes to Sonja before she shows up. We also know now that it was not just a matter of Even having a girlfriend, because Sonja was so much more than that. She was the person who knew about his illness and had stood by him, yet for a moment here it’s as if she doesn’t even exist. While making cheese toasties Even steals a glance at Isak’s face illuminated by the afternoon sun. It’s a fantasy. 

On the other hand, the hotel scene in episode 8 is when Even finally presents his id. This is already alluded to in the previous clip called Dette er Even, This is Even. So far Even’s been a big mystery, but now we’re finally finding out who he really is. This is the night that Isak finds out the truth about Even’s illness. This is the night that we are presented with a naked Even both literally and metaphorically. This is it. It’s no longer a fantasy. It’s real. The part Even tried to hide has been uncovered, and Isak must now accept it, because to love a person is to love them completely. And in the end Isak delivers. He chooses Even despite all of this, because this is Even, and this Even is real, and good, and this is the Even he is so bloody glad to have met.

When you realise that Thranduil found the time to change his look three times in one day:

But still managed to wear pretty much the same thing for his sass-off with Thorin as he did for his trip to Erebor:

And now we know the real reason he wanted to lock Thorin away…

*self care*

* soft warm bubble baths
* cute books, zines & comics
* pretty piano music
* jojoba oil
* eucalyptus leaves & rose water
* himalayan salt nasal wash
* apple slices with brie
* politics ban after 5pm
* repeating outfits w/o worry
* sitting in sunshine
* touching plants
* listening to birds
* deep mirror stares and kisses
* honesty
* early to bed
* water (tea!) all day long
* notes to self to inspire/reinforce
* creating space alone & w/ friends &their friends
* letting loose through music/dance
* forgiving forgetting forming new patterns
* frequent tarot pulls & journal entries
* throwing out/donating old items
* silence (w/ a touch of rain)