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Art Trade with @fluffymoe! My IRL Manjoume did this incredible lineart and I coloured it! :3 

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♠️Spades Kingdom Power Couple ♠️

Hey tumbling dudes! We’re back from Katsucon! Thought we’d finally give you a little sneak peek of our Cardverse outfits, with more photos to come! Hope you guys like! And if any of you bros happened to capture us, please tag, we’d love to see!



Now, for those who are curious, February 3 is indeed River’s birthday. Or, rather, the closest estimate we can make of it. Why, you ask?

Here, let’s break it down:

Hints from A Good Man Goes to War :

  • River mentions to Rory that the Doctor took her to the last Frost Faire for her birthday.
  • The last Frost Faire was in 1814 and occurred from February 1-5
  • Supposing that the Doctor only moved in years and not days to celebrate it, her birthday would be somewhere during this time. The middle of which is February 3rd.

Okay, makes sense so far, but the TARDIS is clearly capable of moving along dates as well as years. So how can this date still be right?

Well, here’s some more reasons why it’s at least possible:

  • Amy and Rory were married on June 26th
  • They left with the Doctor on their wedding night. What do people do on their wedding night? That’s right, make babies. 
  • 7.5 - 8 months later is February.
  • So River could have been born in that time considering that the average time for developing a baby is 8-9 months, if not less depending on what Madame Kovarian did to Amy while she was incarcerated (since it was closer to 7.5 months when River was born).
  • It is more possible for River to be born in 7.5 months as she was conceived in the TARDIS and is the “Child of the TARDIS”, so what that did to her due date should be taken into consideration.
  • Also, we don’t know how many actual months she experienced in our linear 7.5 months since the Kovarian sect is completely capable of  traveling in time.

Thus, with all wibbly-wobbily possibilities taken into consideration, it is rather likely that River’s birthday is today, February 3rd. Happy Birthday, River~


Hi everyone! I’m Sheikah-Princess-Haku. Happy Blackout day! A little bit about me. I love to wear Lolita, fairy kei and pastel goth. I want to get into more Jfashion styles soon including Cult Party Kei and Larme Kei. This outfit was my newest attempt at something simple and sweet. I don’t like being makeupless but the photo was taken during some outfit planning for an event coming up soon. I hope you all enjoy your day!  ❤


Guys, I know I’m posting far too much about this outfit, BUT COME ON! These photos turned out too good not to post. Plus I feel so fancy in this dress.

Photos by the ultra talented Chris Smart —> csmartfx
Thank you so, so much. I’m really looking forward to more shoots :)

Scraping the Barrel

So as I’ve not put out much lately, and might not have anything new for some time, I’ve taken a look back threw some photos I’ve not posted to see if there any worth sharing. A lot of these at the time of taking was not happy with the way they came out, for one reason or another, so never posted them.

If I’m not going to let this account go dead I might as well share a few which are not great but okay. Expect a bit of repetition and in future I’ll be intending to take new photos in the same outfits which will hopefully come out better. For now these will be all I have :)

I’ve taken a few months to really access where I fit into this community and movement.

Some of you may have noticed that this blog has been relatively vacant for the most part the last few months.  A lot of people assumed it was because I was just sad or depressed or busy or other things.  In reality, I’ve been trying to figure out what I want out of this community and where I want myself to be.  You see - there has been some really shady and problematic stuff that has been going on and I saw a lot of things for what they were.  I’m not going to get super specific, but a lot of it had to do with Tess Holliday and the fraud she committed (that is now finally getting some attention) and the popular people of the community who were so fast to enable/defend her just so that they wouldn’t have to risk losing mutual companies over it.

I myself had stayed quiet for a long time because I was afraid of the kind of reach that the popular bloggers and models had.  When I saw other people not only blatantly ignoring it, but also supporting a post that was supporting her behavior (all the while actively talking shit about Tess when it wasn’t in the public eye), it really made something in me snap.  I no longer cared about the reach that any of them had because I realized that I care more about the well being of the movement as a whole rather than what I can actually get out of it.

I never joined the body positive community to make a profit.  I think at one point or another I did let myself get a bit lost and confused on what my morals really were and thus not really standing for what I believe in, in a lot of ways.  

I realized that if I’m going to be a part of the movement, it needs to be in a way that is actively trying to better it and not just better things for myself.  In reality, what am I doing by posting outfit photos of myself all the time?  I do like helping other people come up with outfit ideas and give them places they can shop, but I also realize that it just garners a lot of attention towards myself and doesn’t work towards things that I find really important.  

There are so many other causes and people out there who deserve to be noticed, recognized, and represented.  This movement has a lot of issues with intersectionality that need to be addressed and taken care of.  There is not nearly enough representation for PoC, for trans folks, for non binary folk, disabled, superfats, poor, etc.  It’s been a lot of the same for a long while and it’s really just not good enough.  

I’ve been thinking a lot about what my ‘new years’ resolutions are going to be like and I think that one of them is trying to reinvent what the intentions of this blog are for.  I want to use my platform to bring attention to things and people who need attention.  I want the focus to be less about me and people like me and more on others.  I want to help other people before myself.  I want this community to be the best version of itself and I think that by focusing more on other people rather than what I personally can get from it, that it’ll be a start.  I’ve also decided that I’m going to focus more on what I want to do with my life in general and what path I want to take career wise.  I really think I’d be happy with working with animals in some capacity and am going to start pursuing that.  
I’m not sure why I’m writing this out right now, but I guess I just felt the need to get it out and in the open.  If anyone has any ideas of their own on how to better the community, I would love to open up a dialogue and discussion about it.  (:


Dear One Direction #FireTheEntireTeam does not include Caroline Watson @CarolineWatson_ . Please give her team a salary raise.

For 2015 it would be stellar if we see a lot more of her. Costumes and cosplay outfits would be a welcome bonus. Feature an unusual or cutting edge outfit scheme that the boys model each month during their tour diary videos.

More is more when it comes to Caroline Watson. 

Share photos of outfits that don’t work or don’t fit properly on the boys and have Caroline explain why. 

The perfection of the outfit scheme from the first Today Show is clearly unbeatable but I love seeing what interesting combinations Caroline can come up with.


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The seventh picture isn’t Caroline Watson but her assistant! She also works equally hard and her IG is @lidstay


 okay im super excited so 

the days have finally arrived, and I already know they’re gonna be two of the greatest days of my life. im so, so beyond excited to see taylor after watching so many people go to her tour and come away smiling and happy. this is the perfect end to a long, stressful and exciting year; just what I need after finishing year 12! 😁 


Friday 11th- 

Block: A6
Row: U
Seat: 10 

• ill be wearing my “taylor through the eras” shirt which im in love with and will probably never take off tbh

Saturday 12th- 

Level 1
Aisle: 34
Row: W
Seat: 223 

• different top for this one. and a lot of fairy lights

please feel free to come talk to me if you see me, ill be the one awkwardly dad dancing / mum crooning to every single song! @taylorswift i can’t wait to see you! 😻 @tree-paine 

It’s hard to overlook the fact that Twyla is one of my favorite monsters. After I did her 13 Wishes and her Coffin Bean outfits (photos coming soon) I’m not sure if I should cosplay her awesome Haunted version, too. But her make-up, shoes and colors are so adorable *___*
Hmmm what do you think? Too much Twyla? ^^”
(The cool eye make-up unfortunately disappeared due to the photoflash so I had to retouch it later. I will have to do it differently next time.)