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♠️Spades Kingdom Power Couple ♠️

Hey tumbling dudes! We’re back from Katsucon! Thought we’d finally give you a little sneak peek of our Cardverse outfits, with more photos to come! Hope you guys like! And if any of you bros happened to capture us, please tag, we’d love to see!

-Feature Monday!!-

Today’s photo comes courtesy of Stephanie! 

We were both saying she needs to have another outing in this outfit, it would be a crime not to!

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Scraping the Barrel

So as I’ve not put out much lately, and might not have anything new for some time, I’ve taken a look back threw some photos I’ve not posted to see if there any worth sharing. A lot of these at the time of taking was not happy with the way they came out, for one reason or another, so never posted them.

If I’m not going to let this account go dead I might as well share a few which are not great but okay. Expect a bit of repetition and in future I’ll be intending to take new photos in the same outfits which will hopefully come out better. For now these will be all I have :)


Dear One Direction #FireTheEntireTeam does not include Caroline Watson @CarolineWatson_ . Please give her team a salary raise.

For 2015 it would be stellar if we see a lot more of her. Costumes and cosplay outfits would be a welcome bonus. Feature an unusual or cutting edge outfit scheme that the boys model each month during their tour diary videos.

More is more when it comes to Caroline Watson. 

Share photos of outfits that don’t work or don’t fit properly on the boys and have Caroline explain why. 

The perfection of the outfit scheme from the first Today Show is clearly unbeatable but I love seeing what interesting combinations Caroline can come up with.


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The seventh picture isn’t Caroline Watson but her assistant! She also works equally hard and her IG is @lidstay


 okay im super excited so 

the days have finally arrived, and I already know they’re gonna be two of the greatest days of my life. im so, so beyond excited to see taylor after watching so many people go to her tour and come away smiling and happy. this is the perfect end to a long, stressful and exciting year; just what I need after finishing year 12! 😁 


Friday 11th- 

Block: A6
Row: U
Seat: 10 

• ill be wearing my “taylor through the eras” shirt which im in love with and will probably never take off tbh

Saturday 12th- 

Level 1
Aisle: 34
Row: W
Seat: 223 

• different top for this one. and a lot of fairy lights

please feel free to come talk to me if you see me, ill be the one awkwardly dad dancing / mum crooning to every single song! @taylorswift i can’t wait to see you! 😻 @tree-paine 


Hey there taylorswift! It’s Gabi again! :)

I can’t get enough of this genuine happiness and excitement you bring to my life!

 SOOOOOO, I booked a flight from NYC to Columbus-OH to see you again on night 1! I’ll literally be there to see you then fly back home afterwards! It’s gonna be crazy but BABY IT’S WORTH IT!

I’ve been dreaming about the possibility to say hi to you in person and tell you how how important your actions and music are in my life for so many years now.

So please, if you can, come say hi! It would mean the world!

I’ll be in SECTION 116 ROW J SEAT 17 COLUMBUS NIGHT 1 (9/17)





Hi everyone! I’m Sheikah-Princess-Haku. Happy Blackout day! A little bit about me. I love to wear Lolita, fairy kei and pastel goth. I want to get into more Jfashion styles soon including Cult Party Kei and Larme Kei. This outfit was my newest attempt at something simple and sweet. I don’t like being makeupless but the photo was taken during some outfit planning for an event coming up soon. I hope you all enjoy your day!  ❤