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i did my otp, my 2nd otp, & ot3 to get the hang of tablet drawing again. very productive this weekend :0!!! i love them so much u guys help

please don’t repost! thank u! ^^)


Since someone figured it out, here’s my cosplay schedule for animethon!!

Friday: China Dress Nozomi from Love Live
Saturday: Hashiri Nio from Akuma no Riddle
Sunday: Practice Outfit Kotori from Love Live

More photos soon to come!! 💕 (When i have makeup… and it’s not 2am)

Fixed Photos

Prompto and his parents communicate through pictures

Prompto Week Day 5 (10/23): Favorite Outfit

Kind of a plotless drabble of Prompto when he first got the uniform. I think I read somewhere that he wanted to show his parents but they weren’t home. So I kind of took from that and went from there. 

Prompto stood in front of the mirror in his parent’s house, staring at his reflection. The uniform suited him well. As it should since it had been tailored to him and him alone. He adjusted some of the seems to lay where they should, and straightened a wrinkle or two on the jacket. It was strange seeing himself in one of the uniforms he’d often seen around the citadel. Even stranger to think that it was because he was officially a part of Noctis’s guard.

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♠️Spades Kingdom Power Couple ♠️

Hey tumbling dudes! We’re back from Katsucon! Thought we’d finally give you a little sneak peek of our Cardverse outfits, with more photos to come! Hope you guys like! And if any of you bros happened to capture us, please tag, we’d love to see!


Guys, I know I’m posting far too much about this outfit, BUT COME ON! These photos turned out too good not to post. Plus I feel so fancy in this dress.

Photos by the ultra talented Chris Smart —> csmartfx
Thank you so, so much. I’m really looking forward to more shoots :)

EXO Reaction: when you (their girlfriend) are going to their place for a sleepover for the first time.

Baekhyun: “You just wait right here. I’m cooking something special just for you.”

Chanyeol: *he can’t believe that you are spending the night with him. He thought it was all a joke.*

Chen: “You look cute in your pjs baby.”

D.O.: “You over here now. I need a rub down.”

Kai: “Do you know how cute you are right now laying in my bed.”

kris: “Welcome to your future bedroom babydoll.”

Lay: *he turns on music so you could see his new dance he has been making*

Luhan: *he shows you a new outfit he has to wear for his up coming photo shoot. He gets you to take pictures of him to practice.*

Sehun: “Those are your pjs?! Come on now! You look like a grandma in that.”

Suho: “You know how cute you are in my bedroom?”

Tao: “Go sit and I’ll make you dinner baby.”

Xiumin: “Why are you just in a towel babe? A shower? ….With me?”


Hi everyone! I’m Sheikah-Princess-Haku. Happy Blackout day! A little bit about me. I love to wear Lolita, fairy kei and pastel goth. I want to get into more Jfashion styles soon including Cult Party Kei and Larme Kei. This outfit was my newest attempt at something simple and sweet. I don’t like being makeupless but the photo was taken during some outfit planning for an event coming up soon. I hope you all enjoy your day!  ❤