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☼ Summer Strega Masterpost ☼

Strega fashion is known for its decadent, textured layers, making it the perfect style for comfort in fall and winter. Summer heat brings a challenge to the modern witch: how do you stay true to the aesthetic while keeping cool?

Our coven brought their minds together to bring you a lookbook of hot weather friendly strega outfit ideas. Shorts, miniskirts, sneakers and sandals replace long flowy skirts/pants and tall boots, while crop tops, lace lingerie, light vests and arm knit shawls make light layering easy.

Accessories are key to making this look work while layering as minimally as possible! Later necklaces, rings and belts for that witchy vibe, and experiment with makeup designs to go all out. Dark lipstick and gel eyeliner can last through any weather.

Featured coven members:

krycca | battyinthegraveyard | dandeli0ngh0st | elves-and-warmdrinks | astralizey | creativiteapot | sepp-graywolf | jardindelapin | oceanprincelester | c4tbus | anuggetofpurestgreen | sandra-von-ruin | bookbatmemoirs | zitahawthorne