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To be honest, this is pretty close to how I wish I dressed every day, problem being it feels too up-scaled and formal for daily use. I love wearing elegant black with frills and laces, hopefully in time I can bring myself to go more full time gothy aristocrat. I’d also have to get more clothes in this range of the spectrum, ooooh shame, it’s not at all like I like getting new clothes or anything.



Thank you to the affordable stores like Old Navy that provide extended sizes as the same price physically in their stores so I can dress my body and feel good about myself when I leave the house. (via Denim on Denim; OOTD)


Outfit of the day: Saturday 23rd July
It was reeeeeaaally hot out! It had to be big hat, floaty sleeves and shorts!
I went for a picnic and a walk around the lake with my friends during the day and in the evening I went over to my friend’s for drinks and card games!

Hat: Matalan
Top: Risky, Walthamstow 
Shorts: Primark
Boots: New Look


high/lo #whatthelibrarianwore

“To feel most beautifully alive means to be reading something beautiful, ready always to apprehend in the flow of language the sudden flash of poetry.”
- Gaston Bachelard